Observations and small dog breeds training

I want to tell you about my observations after the proper dog training such breeds as the Pekinese. This unique breed appeared long time ago, and these little four-legged friends are different from other dogs by character. After spending much time with my pets, I noticed an interesting feature of four-legged friends. They are naughty and stubborn animals, but they should know that you are the leader and its owner ( Pekinese). I have trained various breeds, but I like to communicate with Pekinese. Even they're stubborn and don't want to follow some orders, still in the end they will make it for you. Every pet needs special service, language or way of communicating. In my experience you need to show your pet what the affection is, why yu shouted at him and why he is punished. You have to show it even with a light slap, at the same time a little threatening to explain your pet clearly, what it did wrong, and what he is punished for. This breed of dog is one of the smartest and educable. I have tried many ways to communicate with my pets and realized they need communicaton as much as possible, call certain words they eventually begin to remember in the future, while communicating you can just tell them what you want and they will understand and begin to think almost like people. The biggest mistake in its upbringing is the owner tries to adjust to his pet. It isn't allowed. It is the pet who must adjust to you and your daily routine. He remembers when you're at work and what time you come at, it will wait for a walk with you, but not the pet who decides when to walk and where to ease itself. I have watched my pet for a long time and taught him to speak in the proper sense of the word. The dog knew what you want from it and its efforts to answer and say are quite interesting. The dog begins to make sounds very funny, sometimes echoing the tone of the words which you want to hear. In the end, I got what I wanted from my four-legged friend, and we spoke with it almost always, realizing the necessary at the moment. You can use toys to educate Pekinese words and any other dog breed. Let's say you have a certain number of toys and the dog knows it. But you bring it a new toy, call it and ask it to bring a new toy. It is it that develops pet thinking and it sees that it's a new toy, unknown to her, it will take it, cast about in its mind and chooses unknown word for it. Use newspaper to teach your pet to use the toilet, but it should be done the most calmly and restraintly, over and over again take it and carry to the place where you have prepared a toilet. Your pet will understand it needs to go to the toilet on the newspaperm and in the future wherever you let it. For maximum effect, first you need to cover a large area of ​​the room with newspapers and gradually reduce it to a certain place so your dog understands what you need from it. In order to teach the dog to walk with you down the street on a leash, you must first put the collar on it at home and give it the opportunity to get used to it, but don't wear it for a long time.It is better to do it briefly, but frequently. Then show the dog a leash, let it understand that it is not a threat. Tell it while going for a walk on the street and in two or three walks a dog will understand why it's necessary. I must say, you need to walk where there are a few people to teach your dog to walk with you, but not to run everywhere and to strangers. If you want your pet to walk on a leash beside you every time he tries to pull you back there it shouldn't go, bring it slightly down a peg, but try not to hurt it, gently pull the dog on a leash but don't pull it, just say "Walk beside me". Gradually, the dog will understand and nail it down. It's better to nail learning down to use a favorite dog's yummy and each time it makes everything right, give it a piece of yummy to strive it to follow all requirements faster. Remember, to maximize the understanding don't yell at your four-legged friend and be patient because it's not the person next to you, it's your best friend.