Care of puppy: the first meeting.

In respect of situation that it is needed to look after a place inthat a puppy will sleep. First of all it must not be to the clock-houses, id est an antechamber or verandah does not fitalready, because in the first months of life the dream ofpuppy must be accompanied exceptionally by silense andcalmness. Pay attention to absence of draughts and on theacceptable temperature of apartment placing of pet isplanned in that. Desirably that a puppy could see from theplace of owner. In a pet-shop it is possible to pick up bedding or so-calledsettee, main that he was soft and corresponded size ofpuppy of year-old age. Frequent replacement of bedding cancause discomfort for your domestic pet. Similarly it is beforehand needed to look after the presenceof protection or special cage, on those cases, when a puppywill remain one, it will turn out the same not only to protectfurniture and other articles of interior from curiosity of pet andbarrier him from casual damages. If to talk about organization of feeding that the best variantwill be a metallic bowl with support and possibility ofregulation of height, the last will help to save the correctposture of pet. A ration for every breed can be especially individual, howeverit is necessary to remember that feeding must take placealways in identical time with identical intervals. Education of puppy one member must engage in to family,however other always must be acquainted with his methods,for example, in the process of education, impermissible,when a father forbids to do something, and daughter settles. In the first months of new domestic pet will not turn out tograze outside, therefore training to the rest room must beginin domestic terms. It is possible beforehand to prepare a diaper and bowl, andwhen see that a puppy is ready to "do a puddle" to take himinto beforehand prepared place. If from the first timethoroughly to walk up to this problem, in the future it ispossible not to worry for a cleanness and smell in yourhouse.