Puppy home alone

That is, it reserves in different places and heaps pools are nothing compared to the fact that it may have done. All that is within his reach, torn, biting, chewing. And there's nothing you can do about it. Such is the nature of these lovely animals at a young age. Only one option - to remove all that is possible, far away and carefully monitor their every move. Do not forget that the damage your pet may cause not only your things, but also their health, and sometimes can be dangerous and deadly. In particular this applies to the various electrical wires that are sometimes drawn from the wall outlet before starting the unit on the floor. For some reason puppies chew wires with a special treat. The second scoring chance is a variety of chemical and detergents, arranged so that the puppy can get them, and therefore cut the plastic or paper packaging and taste the contents. And, of course, there is always a mass of objects that your pet can just flip over. Of course, as long as there is someone in the house, the puppy usually being closely monitored. But in every family there are situations that everyone goes about their business, and pet unattended. Even for a short time. But to him and this time will be enough to manage for a while enough. When the owners returned to their surprise, just no limit. Even to the point that it seemed located in the inaccessible location, a favorite quietly got. Everywhere lying torn books and scraps of torn wallpaper, torn shoes and weight of what he was before, as you thought you did not pay attention. What do you do in those cases where the puppy still have to leave one? It is impossible to sit with him all day, when everyone has their any case. Out of this situation exists and is quite simple. You just need to buy a home aviary. It may be a while private area for your pet. It should be remembered that in any case can not be used to punish the puppy enclosure. In this case, it will cause it only unpleasant associations, and every room in his cage will be accompanied by a protest on his part. Accustom the puppy to the aviary should be gradual, and in a time when you are at home. In such cases, it will not feel a sense of restraint and accept aviary as a place to sleep and rest. It was only after the final accustom your pet in his new home, you can safely leave it in it when leaving the house. Naturally, you need to have a puppy in the pen was always water, but if you go for a long time, and then feed. Well, if it will always be the favorite toys. In such cases, the puppy will feel comfortable, and the hosts came back and did not find any pogrom. On sale are sectional slatted cages, which are very easy to disassemble and assemble. This enclosure is very convenient to take along on a trip, for example, to give the puppy and it felt like home. Convenient such cages and in those cases when the dog participates in exhibitions. In his "home" it will behave much calmer. For dogs belonging to very small species exist cages-tents that can be used for different trips or for a temporary restriction of freedom of the dog.