Everything you wanted to know about your dog: wool

The cat is known language rough, they were collected and they all faded hair. A little later she simply regurgitates it. But dogs do not like to "wash", so, lumps of wool and they are formed. But instead of lumps in dogs formed mats and fetid odor. Why all dogs shed? Depending on the season, shedding dogs helps regulate body temperature. If it is winter, the dog can "insulate", and in the summer to "dump the excess wool." That is, it is able to adapt to the changing weather. Wool helps the dog to protect your skin from the cold, heat, rain. And also, insect damage, when it has, or running through the forest. As soon as the dog's fur becomes rarer and shorter, it takes the brain a signal system of the body. Hair grows back, and the body can once again maintain the desired temperature. In the autumn - winter period the owners may find that their beloved "furry lump" undercoat grows. And it is for her extra warmth. Beginning with the first month of spring, the owner notices that the apartment has vacuumed more often. Brain dog gets enough daylight and heat, so fur begins to rapidly fall out. In spring and summer, dogs shed their undercoat only. And they grow their hair stiff to the touch and long - axis, as it is called vets. This coat gives the skin a dog some cool, creating a protective buffer. There are hosts who shave their pets during the summer. Veterinarians "one voice" insists that this should not be done. In particular, this applies to dogs that have a lot of time on the streets. Since: - There is a chance of getting a sunburn; - The dog can bite a variety of insects; - If you think that the "naked" better to be a dog, then you are wrong. It will be hotter and much more. - Dogs - friends will laugh at her, why have pet can be stressful, and then depression. Dogs shed more strongly at the vet. Why? The reception was at the vet dog very nervous, even though it is the most daring you. Upon entering the clinic, canine instinct of self-preservation, so she starts to actively "drop" wool. The heart rate increases, breathing quickens, therefore, the lungs more oxygen - all of her body rebuilt "emergency mode." Blood vessels dilate, and the hair follicles grow in size. Blood flow to the muscles increases, the dog is ready to escape. And so, as the host of her holding the collar, and she can not escape, moult begins reinforced. The owner should not worry, because all the symptoms will pass as soon as your pet will be home. It is better to take it easy for yourself and try to "remove" the stress in their "furry lump." Try to make sure that your dog has ceased to be afraid of veterinarians. How do I get dog molted less? The answer will be the usual - and combing hair, but not bald. You should not believe advertising that, say, or a special liquid aerosols can stop shedding dog. Dogs shed heavily in the spring and summer, therefore, in these months, most pet comb out, it is advisable to do this process daily. In particular, if the dog belongs to a long-haired breed. And remember, the more hair is on the brush, the less it will be on your carpets and sofa. If the comb laziness, remember that there are dogs that shed a little, for example, bichon or poodle, but they need to comb out, though not as often as other breeds.