Caring for a puppy: bathing and hygiene

Absolutely all dog breeds top layer of skin is covered with a special film that serves as a decontamination of the upper layers of the skin, so it is worth noting the presence of a special layer, the so-called sebum, which gives the hair a healthy puppy and shiny. It can be concluded that the nature has taken care of thoroughly clean your pet, so taking a bath procedure dogs need extremely rare, in cases of serious visible contamination. However, this is not true of all species, as for puppies with long, thin hair, in this case, washing and brushing should be a routine procedure, with an interval of at least once every 3-5 days. Before proceeding to water procedures, you must carefully examine your pet in case of skin abrasions or scratches, you need to treat them special antiseptic, who advised the vet. Next, prepare a place for swimming, as a rule, it is a table on which is located a bowl, it is desirable that the bottom of the bowl was a rubber mat, thanks to which the puppy will be able to comfortably stand, feet will not slip. The water temperature for bathing should be within the room, you can not swim in the wet face and head area, they simply wipe a special sponge, the choice of which will depend on the breed of the puppy and the density of its coat. In order not to be subjected to wetting puppy ears, while swimming, use a cotton swab to keep ears to dryness. Upon completion of water treatments ear cavity once is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. Particular attention should be paid after swimming to the nails a puppy to be regularly cut is on the sixth day after birth, it will depend on the correct formulation of feet when walking. For the first time, will fit ordinary nail scissors, and in the future we can get a special forceps, which can be purchased at any pet store.