Dog Health Care

You should try all the best for your pet, of course, trying to feed him only with quality products and give the best from your table. But with time, you suddenly notice that your dog's eyes were dull and ugly, wool ceased to be silky and shiny, and the forces in a fighter and restless enough only for a five-minute walk in a court yard… And the reason for all this banal and simple - poor diet. The fact is that in its effort to provide a decent life to the favorite, you forgot that dogs are not people, and human food does not suit them. And the diet of dogs its own special. Let's start with the fact that you can not overfeed your dog. Ideally, the frequency of feeding an adult dog should not exceed two times a day, how would you not want to feed him more often. The digestive system of your pet is not designed for constant and continuous digestion of excessive amounts of food, so all your good intentions are likely to run out of obesity and metabolic disorders. The diet of the dog must necessarily include a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But at home it is very difficult to calculate the necessary proportions and accurate content in the diet of all the necessary elements. And even if you feed your pet high quality foods (beef, sea fish, fresh vegetables, cereals, bread and milk), it does not guarantee you entry into a dog's body all the nutrients. That's why most veterinarians and dog owners all over the world, more and more inclined to rational use of the finished food. These diets are designed by experts with the age and physiological characteristics of dogs and well balanced with respect to the content of the required nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Ready dog ​​food is made from only natural ingredients and does not contain the harmful substances, and it is very important for the health of the dog. Attention, care and maintenance will ensure your dog's health, beauty and good mood. And when the dog is happy, then the owner is also very happy.