Proper dogs grooming

Very often people stop at selecting a small dog , believing that it requires less maintenance and more care, but it's not really a true statement . Quite often small dogs require more maintenance than large dogs. So, for example , the Yorkshire Terrier is different in that it is very close wool is similar to human hair . The dog's coat this breed quickly can become oily and greasy . But because of the pet should be frequently bathe , comb and a haircut , and the house must be available kits ( combs , scissors and other specialized tools required ) Do not require special care dog breeds such as the Dachshund , Dalmatian , Staffordshire terrier. Representatives of this breed is quite easy to clean , and once a week, " comb " comb. Combing short-haired friend in need without fail, otherwise all over your house will have small hairs . This breed Dalmatian sheds throughout the whole year , and therefore , it is best to use a comb for combing - mittens , which can be found in any pet store. Ensure proper and timely care of your pet , and then the hair on the floor will be less! As for long-haired dogs , such as collies or OES , as well as some dog breeds shepherd , so their fur needs constant combing and brushing . Here you really need a lot of time for the polish . If we ignore this procedure , your pet may soon lose its chic look , and his gentle long hair will acquire plicas that provide additional animal discomfort. Labrador has a thick, short fur , as well as dog breed Husky . These pets need to comb out regularly , especially in the off-season molt. As a rule, it is the spring and autumn periods . If you have a dog do not have time , but you want to buy it , you should pay attention to the Airedale . This breed does not shed and generally does not require a reverent care . That's only necessary every few months to carry out such an interesting process as thorough grooming - the removal regrown , the old hair. Be sure to take care of that , so that your pet had its own " bath " accessories and cosmetics. Highlight the dog a couple of old towels ( one is enough) , combs and hairbrushes, as well as shampoo and detergent for dogs. Note that the shampoo should be used only for certain types of hair, i.e. for a long-haired breed is not recommended to use a shampoo that is designed for smooth-haired . Frequently wash the dog can not , therefore, as for shampoos for animals washed away the protective layer of wool, it becomes dull and quickly becomes wet . But in the end , you can add that many dog owners to appreciate the " Furminators " - a device by which easily removes undercoat