Content rules Yorkshire Terriers

If you decide to have a Yorkshire Terrier, you need to know that the male puppy will be more obedient owner and puppy prefer female host. It should also be noted that very harmful for the dogs to be overweight. Extra pound on York is the equivalent of an additional twenty pounds per person. The Yorkshire Terrier is a member of the Toy Group by the American Kennel Club. In the ring, they look very impressive. Yorkie seems to glide over the ground, as long curls hide tiny paws. NY flows into layers of silver, blue and black hair, with a sunburn on his head and legs. Puppies are all black-and-tan color. The breed has dark, intelligent eyes. Breeding Yorkshire terriers is not easy. Most breeders do not recommend trying to breed dogs, and for good reason. Health is often brought under cultivation as a sacrifice. Yorkshire Terrier ideal dog for an apartment. Of course, your Yorkie will gladly enjoys yard romp, but it can not survive without it. If you do not walk their dogs in the yard in the cold or too hot weather, should be replaced by a stroll active games that these dogs are very fond of. Will be sufficient to maintain the fitness level of your pet If you have a yard, make sure there are no gaps under the fence, as Yorkies love to explore. Since these dogs are so small and cute, they do not always have the chance to return home before a passerby gladly not take him, thinking he was lost or thrown. Yorkshire Terrier sociable dog. They love to be in the thick of family life. However, these dogs are not a good choice for families with kids. This is not because Yorkies are untrustworthy children, but because they are small, thin, very delicate and can be easily injured. Yorkshire Terrier with a good temperament, will allow children to do with it what you will, but it is unfair to subject a little dog sloppy behavior of children, and then treated for injuries. Yorkie in need of training. These little guys have a tendency to be stubborn and set their own rules. Moreover, obedience training may save the life of a Yorkshire terrier, if you just take advantage of the teams in times of danger. Do Yorkshire terriers have some serious health problems. They often have problems with the teeth, for example, stored milk teeth. They are common hernias and hypoglycemia. Food for Your terrier will bring the least expense. These little dogs do not eat much. However, you have to be careful not to spoil your puppy soft food that he refused to eat dry food, which will help keep your teeth in better shape. Most Yorkies should bathe frequently to keep their hair from matting. Dogs with silky hair can be required to bathe once a week. In addition, since Yorkies are prone to problems with teeth, you have to for a week to clean your dog's teeth. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.