Everything you wanted to know about your dog, paws.

Expose three myths associated with dog paws. The first myth. Dog urinating after scraping the floor / ground with its front paws that bury her toilet seat. In dogs castrated, such a phenomenon is considered to be dominant. Although doing it and neutered dogs, and even samochki. So, they warn that this bush or that angle them not to engage in it. By the way, we know that fans scrape the ground, the hind legs are deer. Hunters such a phenomenon is called - scraping. Hunter knows if there is such a mark on the ground - somewhere wandering deer. It's funny, when next they are not a deer, but the hostess with the dog. They just walk around ... The second myth. In dogs, no hands, no feet. There are four legs. Dogs have a hand, has legs that are called legs. Front feet - it's her hands and back, hence it up. In most species on earth anatomy is similar, only difference is, people - go straight. The front paw, she just has a hand in the dog bone humerus, radius and ulna, as well as in humans. The back of her foot, she's leg consists of the thigh bone, the tibia and fibula. In dogs similar structure limbs, as in humans. Hmm, who else will say that we are similar to monkeys? The third myth. Dewclaws have all dogs, they need them. Have your dog, there are cute little toes on their hind legs on the inside? Rare, and yet that this tiny finger dog clings textiles apartment and furniture, and even so much that the finger starts to bleed. So, the situation you how to master the painfully familiar? This means that you can be proud because you are the owner of a rare dog. After all, dogs have long since dewclaws "not found." This finger may look small crease, and as a finger, it is normally developed. Evolution as "ordered" that dogs thumb is not necessary, unlike man. We use, with his help, crayons, household utensils, spoon ... dogs of all this is not necessary, therefore, the need for this finger eventually disappeared, and on-site full of thumb in the dogs were cute enough rudiments. There are dogs that live with these fingers is normal, no problem. But the official and hunting dogs, active dogs that are running around a lot and often, this extra finger just interfere, he often they have injured. That's why the owners, will take the puppy dewclaws, immediately asked him to amputate the vet. If your little dog, these fingers are available, and they interfere with him, you know they can be easily removed. They are removed under general anesthesia, and by the way, it is possible, even in the same day, when there is spaying or neutering pet. Otherwise, it may be so, it will need immediate surgery, which will cost more. For example, when the profit finger while walking or running around the dog severely injured.