Methods of teaching a puppy

1. Food. To her dog is well remembered - pronounces it many times before eating, it will undoubtedly positive. After a few days of workouts like go to the next - a dog named hail and feed her only after she pay attention to you. - Your task is not setting a long eye contact, and teach the dog to respond to his nickname as well as pay attention to you when you are saying it. 2. Games and Toys We all know that every puppy likes to play. And, no matter with what. Whether it's a teddy bear, a ball or a simple rubber toy. - The dog should play. Praise her for it, encourage and play with him. Ved thanks to those games you can train your puppy, which is good impact in the future, especially if your dog is planning to perform at the Olympics and in various circles. If you want to take your puppy for a long time, let him toy with the "delicacy". For example, it is a toy with something delicious ... cheese ... peanut dried bone. While the pet is engaged in business - you are free to deal with their problems in silence. If your plan has a dog participated in any sporting event - Encourage games in which your pet will be gunning for someone, or catch up. Play with him, help. Many sources state that the game of "tug of war" is dangerous and highly undesirable. We would like to note that these games can be really dangerous if your dog is big and aggressive. But if your pet is quite docile - then this game will not be a problem for him! With a team of "Oporto" is also not all that difficult. Take any piece of goodies, show it to the puppy and drop an object with the words "Oporto". Then pick up this item and drop it again, only this time it was the other way, do not forget about the cherished team! It is best to use some ball or rubber ball, as He rolls well. In conclusion, we may add that "tasty" toys can also replace the vital things such as books, slippers and socks. But as experience shows - Doggie himself finds them. To train your pets. Good luck and patience!