How to teach your puppy to the toilet. Tray or street.

One good way - is to watch the puppy and the moment when he would prepare for the innermost, pick him up and put on a tray, or taken out of the door. After the dog went right to the bathroom - must not forget its pooshrit. Give her some treats. Even if your dog is doing things right by yourself, do not forget to praise him. If your puppy started playing and accidentally made a mess in the wrong place, do not instantly, with a furious cry hack it to pieces. Respond to this calmly. Understand that this is - a matter of time. After all, a dog's body in psychology and is not far from the human race. In dogs, a child begins to build character and bad, rude attitude can completely destroy the psyche of your pet, which significantly affect its behavior. Thus, the more you give warmth and love your puppy, the better it will be when she grows up. But the most "delicate" process interrupt is no longer necessary. Remember, do not leave your puppy alone, because there are still different things that he can chew. Of course, all this must be done as far as possible ... Well, really bad for what he did scold (puddles and piles) a few hours after the commission of the crime. The dog does not understand what her boss so angry. The next time she can start simply eat up your pile, but the problem will be solved is much more difficult. Watch this and wean your puppy from this "case" since childhood. Another method is to close the puppies at some time in the place where the tray, but it is not enough space for anything else. Also, place it in a few toys. At a time when the puppy begins to walk, he will carry it home. There is nothing to worry about. Your task - to walk with him as long as possible, waiting until the dog goes to the bathroom. You can also give your puppy sniff a bunch of other people that he knew - on the street can easily do whatever he wants. As the thickness] to the baby will do all right on the street - do not forget it again and again repeated, giving him a biscuit! Wait for it and enjoy the moment! But be sure to praise your dog. So you'll get a much quicker desired results, and your dog will get the least possible stress. But if the puppy does not understand why it is pulled out, and train him to the toilet is not, then take it all with a diaper. You can lay them in the bushes or somewhere in a remote village where the dog and do all things. Is doing so as often as possible, and then definitely do it! Good luck to you!