How to properly care for the puppy

If your puppy sleeps a lot - do not worry. All puppies look and condition of this kind is quite normal. Some may even fall asleep during the game, sleep fifteen mauled and wake up again. At the young age of the puppies just need different stiffness toys. First, the dog is scratching its way teething and because of this, there is a self-cleaning of the plaque, which prevents the emergence of tartar caries and periodontal disease. It sounds perhaps strange, but such diseases, there are the dogs. In this period never deprive puppy toy that you can do much harm and ruin his bite. Do not let your pet play with old furnishings or things get, the pet can not distinguish which things are allowed to play ... For her, it's all the same. And gnawed-off pieces of clothing can harm your pet. To train a puppy "hodit" about their business - take him up on that crucial moment clearest and take out into the yard! If you notice that he adopted the pose characteristic "that same", but do not have time to run - pat, it's certainly distract a puppy. Wear it on the street at every moment when you see something like that. Also bring him for a walk, right after he eaten. Later, it will have to do at night, as the dog at that age can not endure for long. If your pet suddenly began to gnaw different things (slippers, figurines, etc.) - this thing special spray the repellent spray, which is now sufficient in pet stores. Also, do not forget to provide your puppy with all the necessary toys and all kinds of balls. At what point, you can also wash the baby? If your dog is vaccinated and you just brought it home - you can now wash it. A minimum of three times a week to bathe him completely, but use a special shampoo for puppies. Means for washing cats or humans use is not recommended, since the structure of the hair completely different and can be damaged. After a walk moite feet using special tools for the dogs. Good luck to your four-legged pets!