Dog's trimming

In which cases does the dog need haircut? If a dog belongs to non-fading breed or has harsh hair it needs regular haircut. Dogs which have very rapid growth of hair need human help. They can't care for themselves. Long hair can become matted or have unkempt appearance. Simple combing doesn't help and causes discomfort to the animal. There are many problems relating health despite aesthetic question. In particular, dogs with thick hair in warm weather can overheat. If a pet has a mite you won't find it immediately. Moreover, very long hair can overgrow into ears and causes skin diseases, especially between the toes. How to cut dog's hair To avoid many problems it's easier to shorten hair. This procedure scares the dog only at first, other times the dog gets used to this and will calmly react to such procedures. To smooth negative impressions you can give your pet antianxiety drugs intended for animals. Make a haircut with the assistant using kindness and encouragement of the dog. The frequency of haircut depends on peculiarities of the dog. Soft-coated dogs are cut once or twice a month. Dogs with thick hair need haircut once a month or 2 months. This procedure makes hair better and softer. They use trimmer for such procedure. You will need it to cut hair from ears. For normal haircut they use scissors or clipper. Put the dog in a bath or use oilcloth while cutting hair. They start from the head and move to the chest and finish with limbs. At the end they cut hair on the tail. Cut hair between toes. Thick hair in this part of the body causes discomfort when the dog moves. After the haircut it's desirable to bathe your dog and soften irritated parts up with the help of special remedy. Camomile and calendula creams will be great. Go to specialists if you can’t do it by yourself. They will not only cut excess hair but will make nice haircut.