How to dress your four-legged friend in winter?

In this article we will tell you how to avoid that. Clothes as the main attribute Not only people like to wear warm clothes. Nowadays, we can see many dogs well dressed. It is desirable to dress your pet if it’s very small and if the temperature in apartment is 10 and less degrees above 0. Normal temperature of an adult dog’s body is 37-39 degrees, normal temperature of puppy’s body is 38-39 degrees. Small shorthaired dogs feel themselves uncomfortable when the temperature is 20 degrees above 0. While buying clothes consider some special aspects. Trilaminar jumpsuits are the best for small dogs because they are cold very fast. Such jumpsuits are good for hairless dogs. Joints must be pinched outside because they can rub skin and corns can appear on your pet's body. If the dog is very energetic and large special blanket is just for it that will not hinder movements. If you want to buy clothes for longhaired dog, buttons and buttonhooks will be the best because there might be problems with zipping. Some advices which help your pet to outlast cold weather 1. Lessen walks if there's biting frost. Walk duration depends on weather, age and health of your pet. If the temperature outside is less than 20 degrees above 0 than you should walk 7-10 minutes. If your pet crosses feet then it’s time to go home. 2. Don’t groom it in winter, because long hair warms it but try to prevent the emerging of mats because they violate the heat exchange. 3. When you’re home after a walk, have a look at your pet, remove all icicles and mop your dog dry, that dog couldn’t catch cold at draught. 4. Don’t bathe your dog very often because hair might lose its protection properties. Wet undercoat dries very slowly and it can catch cold while walking. In winter, use powder shampoos. 5. Take care of its feet. They always powder roads with reagents in winter and because of that water retention and dermatitis might occur. Grease your pet’s pads with cream with bee wax or silicone cream. The best variant is if you buy special shoes for it. It will protect from cold and chemicals and you will not clean its legs. If you don’t have special shoes for your pet, then you should clean them under flowing water to remove all reagents. 6. After a walk, give it a drink, but water shouldn't be cold, it can cause cold or tracheitis. Food and water should be of RT. Meat is advisable if there aren't any contra indications. Dry feed should contain protein. Don’t surfeit your dog if it's small. Dogs that are kept in chains and in dog kennels need 25-30% extra heat of food. 7. Mind your pet’s immunity, vitamins and minerals will help with this. You can buy special integrated food additives. Don’t give your dog ascorbic acid. Animal’s organism produces as much vitamin C as they need. Precautions: Do not wear a muzzle with metallic frame, especially on hairless dogs because if a pet licks it, a pet will be displeased. Love your dogs!