How to take care of dog's hair properly?

Dog's appearance is much like his master. In order to look good, you must care for your beloved pet, and primarily it concerns the hair. After each walk, clean the animal's hair. This not only removes the dirt, but at the same time rubs with a brush the top layer of the epidermis. Even if your pet seems clean, it is still better to brush its hair at least for a nice massage effect. With irregular grooming of the dog, dandruff and skin diseases may appear. What brushes to use and how to comb? Clean and shiny coat is obtained after daily cleaning and brushing. To avoid allergic reactions upon contact with the skin and hair it is better to use natural materials, avoiding synthetic brushes. You can choose tougher and sparse brushes. They better remove dirt and dust from the dog's hair. More carefully dead cells of the skin comb metal, horn and wooden combs. They also comb well mats. For short-haired dogs comb apply special brushes with rubber teeth or brushes with natural bristles. Comb the hair in the course of growth, using a brush and a flannel cloth. First, hair should be combed with a brush, and then with a soft cloth to remove dandruff and dead hair. Long-haired dogs (Shepherds, Huskies, Collies and others) during sheding are combed with brushes or soft cosmetic brushes with fine teeth. It should be done very carefully not to accidentally damage the dog's skin. To take care of these breeds use brushes with a few teeth. Comb the same way as short-haired dogs. Start combing hair from below, from animal's legs. Then gradually rise, paying special attention to the areas under the armpits and ears. In these places, the wool is often dumped. Haircutting and trimming Some dogs naturally lose the ability to shed. This applies poodles, wirehaired terriers, schnauzers and other breeds. Small dogs need regular grooming (2-3 times per month as a minimum). Once every three months, you must cut out the dog's hair in its ears, between the claws and around the anus. If necessary, you need to cut its hair under the eyes and cut off long bang, so the hair does not interfere the dog to see and does not cause eye conjunctivitis. Often there are situations when longhaired animals bring on themselves thorns from the walk, chewing gums and other adhering items. In this case, if you cannot accurately get the dirt, it is necessary to cut such hair. The purpose of dog grooming is not only to remove dead hair, but also to give it a specific shape. In addition to haircuts, many dogs need trimming. It is better to do it in the spring or autumn, when it is easy to pull out hair. The complexity of the procedure depends on the breed of dog. Schnauzers or Airedales trimming, for example, lasts a very long time - 3.5-8 hours. To make it easier to pull the hair, before it undercoat should be well combed. Trust it to the professionals. How often to wash? Wash your dog not very often. It is enough to do it every two or three months. While washing you must ensure that water does not get into the ears. Use special shampoo with warm water, and then rinse it thoroughly. For dogs with a thick undercoat is necessary to thoroughly wet the entire hair, that the hair pad becomes completely wet. Then you can wash it with shampoo. Do not apply the shampoo on hair immediately. It is better to dissolve some shampoo in water in a small container and put the liquid on pet's body. The hair is better to lather and it will be easier to rinse the shampoo. After water treatment dog must be well wiped with a towel. Better, of course, do it in a warm place without drafts. You can dry it a bit with a hairdryer for long-haired dogs, making sure that the stream of air is not too hot. When the hair is completely dry, you can comb your pet. It is desirable not to walk when the dog is wet. Therefore, it is best to wash the dog at night, and the next day you can safely walk with your pet. Do not use human shampoo or soap for dog's washing, because they very aggressive funds for dog's skin. Every time after walk, you must wash your pet's feet, especially in winter. In winters, the sidewalks are treated with a special solution that could harm the dog.