How to walk the dog

Basic Steps Buy a dog collar and leash. You can do this at any local store for pets, or order it online. If you decide to purchase a leash and collar at the store, you can choose the material and test it. Make sure the collar is not too tight a dog - went out to prolazit fingers between the neck and collar. For the safety of the dog, make sure that the collar sits perfectly. Put the collar on your pet, then attach the leash to the collar. If you have a standard leash is sure to hold it correctly. Insert your hand into the hole, as if put on bracelets, tie the arms around and grab the leash. If you hold the leash properly, it can have a negative impact on the dog. Compassion, but do not seem weak. Be confident, and do not show weakness. You should always keep a dog and go ahead, this will prevent behavioral problems. Allow your dog to go ahead if it wants to. They have four legs, and you have only two. Of course, they will go faster. Please note that there is a myth that if you let the dog go ahead, it will necessarily lead to disobedience and bad behavior, it is not true. Talk to your pet. Praise your dog for good behavior, but say "no" if she whines or tries to pull you forward. Take your dog to some interesting places. Park, lake, pet store, etc. If you want to walk for a long time, do not forget to bring water and some food. Also, wear some decent shoes or sneakers. If none of this works, then you should purchase a harness. Never buy a muzzle for dogs, it can make it aggressive. Your dog can feel the energy that you radiate. If you emit negative energy, your dog can act as well, so try to be happy. Tips • Always keep your dog on the inside, rather than closer to the road. Try to stick to the pavement if you can. Thus, the dog will be safer than while on the road. • Walking is one of the joys of owning a dog - you have some time to relax and your dog have a chance to " talk" with others. • Be careful when using a sled, if the dog pulls the leash and in a hurry, it can cause serious and permanent damage to the spinal cord. In addition, if your dog hates the harness , consider another option, the walk should be fun to you both. • If you often walk the dog at night, consider purchasing a leash with light ( available at most stores). • Socialize your dog new sounds, smells, and people. • Be polite, but do not let your dog be the boss. You are in charge! • If you manage your dog for a walk, give her all the time to sniff and explore. • do not walk too long. If the dog becomes lethargic, take a break or go back home. This applies to all dogs. You see, when your pet is tired. The main feature is that it will be slower, thus removing the language. They also do it when it 's hot. • In cold weather, your little dog will need extra protection - a sweater or jacket. If you have a long-haired breed, you can not do without clothes. However, some dogs such as Chihuahuas and small decorative rocks, need extra protection.