Effect on the body of worms dogs

Generally, adult dogs in most cases, are not in danger, but if the likes of parasites infected puppy, it could seriously affect its present and future health. The most dangerous and common roundworm parasites are considered. It worms, reaching twelve to twenty centimeters laid eggs and see without a microscope is not possible. In the presence of worms in dogs of this type, there is sweetish breath constant bloating, improved appetite and constipation, disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to all the above roundworm can also settle in places such as the lung or liver. Young larvae pierce the fabric of which may lead to pneumonia and further - fatal ... Another of the very dangerous species is the " Ezofagny worm, " which is also called" esophagcal. This type of helminth forms often tangles which overlap esophagus. If a ball is accumulated around the lungs or around the windpipe, then the dog becomes labored breathing, sometimes to the point of suffocation. Severe infestation with worms whipping fraught with upset stomach, significant weight loss, diarrhea, nervousness, and fainting. Whipping the worm generates a dangerous toxin that can lead to anemia later. To prevent infection of your pet worms or any other parasites, you need a mandatory quarterly giving the dog a special protivogelmintoznye drugs. At the nursing mother must check the purity of the nipple, as well as ensure that the dog is always carried out meal of their own, purely washed dishes. After completing all of the above recommendations, you reduce the risk of infecting your four-legged friend ! Health to you and your household pets!