Depression in dogs. We treat stress

Over the years, quite a few people and a dog live together. Moreover, the dogs take over the behavior of their hosts, they say not without reason - what the host is and his pet. Often, they are very similar. The similarity is evident not only in behavior, but sometimes in the disease. For example, if the owner is psychologically upset, or feelings of depression - his pet can also easily experience a mental disorder. After all, dogs, like humans, are able to think, feel, and understand some things. In a word - depression, which was previously only in humans, the current time can be overcome and also animals. From such an illness as "depression " is not immune to any four-legged friend. And the primary source can serve anything. The death of the owner, the long separation, separation from other pets, to which your dog is accustomed to hard enough . A dog with a strong body can quite easily transfer such loss, but there are individuals who fall into depression and despair is very unpredictable and deeply. Depression is manifested in various ways. When depressed dog does not want to play with a host of games that she loved before. Sleep disturbance, or vice versa - drowsiness , aggressive reaction to strangers and even if your dog is physically healthy and strong - a psychological condition can be quite critical. To return our pet to a normal life, no need to force violently dog to play, if she is not interested ... At such times, it is important to ensure your dog calm appeal and give her a rest. After all, her body is designed like a human. When the dog is asleep - he recovers. If you give a dog a calm and do not interfere with the restoration of her condition - a few days all normal. Also try to make a more interesting and intense walk in the fresh air. Try to interest your pet games, such as Retrieve. Meeting other animals can also help revitalize the body and the dog quickly returns to normal. But always keep it on a leash. Your task - to show favorite, that he was not abandoned, and in spite of all the difficulties, you are still with him. Psychologists also recommend to put the dogs a special soothing music, of course, that they like. Do not neglect your dog, understand that this is a living creature that does not have a flexible mentality. And with stressful situations where it is much more difficult to handle than us. Good luck and stay healthy!