How to transport your dog in the car. Useful advice

If you do not own a car, but you have a dog, and before long you want to buy a car, then look at the types of bodywork such as the hatchback and wagon. Cargo space in the salons of this type is quite spacious, which helps to easily accommodate even large and vicious dog, and a broad overview of the windows to let everyone see what is happening around and behind the vehicle. The most convenient place for transportation of dogs considered to be the rear seats. Many manufacturers make products of various ammunition, which facilitates the transport of animals, making it more convenient and interesting ... For example, cushion seats, or seat belts for dogs, as well as bags for carrying out. Such a cloak for seating will protect the interior of your vehicle from dust and stains from dirty dog paws. You can place a dog at his feet, in this case, your dog will not feel much different variations, and such a sharp change of "pictures" of the window, which minimizes the risk of the gag reflex and additional stress. Many drivers allow your four-legged friend to lean out the window, but it's pretty dangerous thing to do , and this can not be. A dog can easily catch a cold, blow your ears or get a nasty disease, such as conjunctivitis. Also, the dog may be injured nose, if the speed is " welcome" large insect, or any other object. In order for the vehicle interior entry of clean air, it will be enough to lift the window a few inches. During long trips , always make a break on the way, your pet could go to the bathroom and some shatter, get some fresh air. At the time when the car is in your pet, you can not make any sudden movements and avoid sudden braking. Unlike humans, dogs vestibular apparatus is arranged somewhat differently, but because the dog may experience a bout of vomiting. When signs of an "approach" of vomiting in dogs begins salivation. Keep at hand towel or napkin in time to prevent contamination of the cabin. Before the trip, it is best not to feed the dog at least a few hours. If your four-legged friend hard time tolerating such a trip, you can purchase special sedatives, which at present is sufficient in specialized pet stores.