How to choose the leash for the dog

One of the first questions is the question about walks with the dog. How much time does the dog need to be on the fresh air?, what is the optimal duration of walking?, How much time does it need from walk to walk?... More important question is what kind of leash will be the best for the dog and for his owner? Do you have a puppy? After vaccination and all other necessary procedures, you should walk with him. A dog doesn’t know how to behave on the street, you don’t know a lot about his temper and don’t know how it can respond to its relatives, people, cars and many other things. That’s why a puppy should be under your full control. Usual leash is irreplaceable in this case. Even after the puppy grows up, you will need it in dog’s training. There are many leashes made of different fabrics. The most reliable are metal, canvas and leather leashes. The ammo of these materials is perfect for large breeds. The best leash for dogs which chew their leashes is metal leash. Nylon or leather leashes are the best for small breeds. Retractable leashes for dogs are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs. With their help you control your dog with one hand. Spare no expense while buying a retractable leash. Good retractable leash will cost a lot, because on its quality depends the safety of your dog. A lot of people face the question which retractable leash is better: rope or ribbon? Every retractable leash has its advantages. Ribbon leash is solid, endures larger load than a rope leash. Also, it cannot hurt your skin, clothes or your pet because of friction. Ribbon leash is suitable for large breeds, but remember if your dog is very big but not yet well-trained, don’t use retractable leashes at all. Rope retractable leash is suitable for small dogs. Its advantages are: not heavy and quick twisting. This leash is good for small dogs. The most important thing is dog’s training. In an emergency, a pet must obey his owner or even the best leash won’t help to avoid the tragedy.