How to be a good master for your pet?

Pet care Many animals like to be well groomed and clean, but not all animals like when their masters arrange regular bathing, combing, and other procedures. You can't force an animal to do what makes his rebellion. While taking care of some pets you can just taka care of its hair or skin with special fluids. You can teach your animal to water procedures, but it must be done gently and carefully. If you force your pet to regular swimming against its will, he will feel discomfort and begin to be scared of you. Watch the reaction of the animal and be careful with him, then it'll trust you and follow the orders. Feeding process Many owners overfed their animals, and this leads to the development of dangerous diseases and it has a disastrous influence on its health. Much food can cause a pet vomiting and stomach ache. Feed your pet with moderate portions of food, talk about feeding with a vet and follow his instructions. A good master will immediately understand whether his pet is hungry, sated or not. Watch your pet and mark changes in its behavior. If the animal is acting weird, refuses to eat or loses the ability to exercise - keep yur ears open. In this case it's necessary to see a specialist and examine it. Cleanless is the guarantee of health The owner need to wash its bowl every day. Keep a pet in a comfortable environment, so the utensils should always be clean. If you don't clean the bowl from the remnants of food, the microbes will accumulate there. The animal can get sick if the owner neglects the issues related to keeping the house clean. The place where the pet sleeps, needs gentle care. Regularly change the litter, wash cloth, watch its condition. If your pet is accustomed to the tray, you need to choose a good filler and promptly change it. Care is a priceless gift Pets want to feel masters' love, care and support. Spend much time with your pet, play with it, invent fun and safe entertainment for it. If you want to walk with your animal, think about the conditions in which this can be done. Don't forget to periodically pamper your pet and encourage it for its good behavior. Buy it new toys, equip its corner in the house and devote your pet free time. Be friendly Animals are very sensitive and they pay attention to a person's mood. The owner should be patient to pranks of his favorite. Sometimes you can take educational measures, but it's important not to be aggressive. Remember the animal doesn't deserve the abuse, the punishments shouldn't be too frequent and severe. If you are respectful to your pet, it'll be thankful to you and will be glad that it has such a master. Promptly see the vet, stand over its health and be caring person