Dog’s paws and claws. How to treat?

While walking it's necessary to periodically inspect dog's paws. Toes and paws are ideal place for different garbage like mould, chips, pieces of ice and other. Dogs can take care of themselves. These measures are skimpy. If dirt is still there and the dog couldn't bite it out, then it needs help. Otherwise it will have a limp. Long-haired dogs need special care. Hair growing between claws should be cut off. Dog’s claws tend to grind themselves when walking on firm ground. In case of a small number of walks, claws start to grow, tend to bend towards touch ball and they stick into it. As a result the inflammatory process may start. Its result is lame. Therefore puppies' and adult dogs’ claws should be cut off. There are several indications for such a procedure: - growing up, a puppy eating mother's milk can cause injury by sharp claws as a scratch on the belly and the nipple area. Such trauma can result stress for lady-dogs. Because of suddenly appeared pain during feeding, lady-dog can deny feeding to offspring. Especially sharply react to the puppy "execution" breeds of German shepherd dogs and Caucasian shepherds; - The frequency of trimming the puppies' claws who have reached the age of 4 weeks should be once a week. While cutting claws be careful not to cut the touch balls. Therefore you have only to cut off the tip of the claw; - Special tongs are made to cut dog's claws. Usual nail scissors are also good if you don't have special tongs. If the dog is of a large breed, then you should definitely use nippers. Claws like human nails should be sharpened by nail file, needle file or a file with a small notch; - Add to food vitamin A to avoid breking and splitting of the claws. Worm some fat into claws. - If you don't cut the odd toes on the paws during first 5 days after the birth, it will cause a big problem. Usually, it is the fifth toe on fore feet and dewclaw on hind feet. Many people don't do that because they don't know that or feel sorry for the animal. If the dog is long-haired, eventually, these uncut claws tend to bend with the growth and stick into the skin area, being next to the toe. This is due to the fact that while cutting, the owner doesn't see them because of the long hair. Therefore, he doesn't cut claws on these fingers. They disturb the dog, since regrown and curved claws unwittingly hook on different things, resulting an injury. Therefore, you should promptly do to the animal clinic, where a simple surgery of removing odd toes will be provided; After reviewing the information above, you probably realized how important proper care of paws and claws of the animal is. Now you will watch their condition on a schedule basis.