Dog's training: basic rules of success

If the owner cannot understand what his pet is like, does not establish the contact, does not give the dog commands, the animal will do everything on its own. There are people who intuitively feel their dogs, and there are those who do not even try to understand it. "You are an animal, and you have to listen to me" - some of them say so. Nevertheless, the dog disagrees with this point of view, and in these situations, often troubles begin. If the pet's behavior is not corrected, it will grow "something strange". It is the human, who must understand the dog, and not vice versa. It owes us anything, in fact, we took the animal and we are responsible for it. The dog is a gregarious predatory beast, no matter what breed it is; it cannot escape from the instincts. From the moment you have purchased a pet, you need to bind it to yourself and it should be done wisely. Be aware that animals need time. If the dog feels that it is not controlled, if it understands that it can yank chasing a cat or pull on the leash, and the owner says: "No, no, I beg you," the dog simply ignores the owner. However, if you check a pet and give a command in a strict voice "No!” the dog will understand who controls the situation. Man must understand how to act properly. Before buying a dog, be sure to check out a particular breed. It is much easier with purebred breed - you can predict the nature and characteristics of the dog, but you can expect anything from a mongrel. You should learn any dog, get acquainted with its features, and then to understand the nature and your relationship will be good. In reality, there are no disobedient dogs. For example, beagles are real hunters padding the trail of the beast. Beagle is showed out and it starts to chase the beast without brakes. If you keep such a dog in the apartment, its instincts will not disappear. Seeing a cat in the park, beagle will chase it there is no matter if it is naughty, but the nature of these dogs. If you do not become an authority for your pet, its instincts will prevail. The dog needs to know what it has the right to do and what not. If you do not train your pet, it is natural, that it is all right to eat from your table, chew slippers or do other not quite right things. Dogs do not have "human" values. It is just the same to it: to chew cool boots or a log. There is a simple way to get rid of such trouble - keep such things in inaccessible for the dog place. Just like a child, you must not to give him the expensive china. If a young dog chewed shoe, you should punish it. This should be done only if the dog is caught in "place of crime", but not later, as the dog simply does not understand what it is punished for. One animal understands sharp words, the other one need to be shaken by the collar, but never beat it! It is important to engage with a dog, it should spend its energy. You cannot keep your pet on a leash all the time or to show out of the apartment a couple of times for a few minutes. Trained techniques are required to be fixed! It happens, that the dog follows orders in the dog training centers, but if you bring a pet home, it turns out that it is disobedient and refuses to obey orders of the owner. The explanation for this is that the dog and the owner are in certain "framework" in the training center, knowing that there are laws and regulations. Nevertheless, if in normal life they do not need the same from a pet, it loses motivation, it does not follow the orders and does not consider it necessary. But if it knows that the owner still makes it to obey, and then it will be something "cool", the training will necessarily succeed. What the dog has learned at school, it is necessary to constantly repeat at home, if this is not done, the skills disappear. The training period for each animal is individual. One needs a couple of hours, others need more time. The main key to success is the desire of the owner to understand his four-legged friend. "There are no silly dogs, there are lazy and inactive owners".