A leash and a collar

Collar and leash are an integral part of your dog's life from an early age, for the simple reason that they are useful in all aspects of life;: during walks, education, training and in fights against bad habits of your pet. To accustom the puppy to the ammunition is not difficult, you need to make a little bit of work, patience and you'll see the result. Collar training How to make collar training the fastest and efficient? Everything is very simple. Your puppy, like a little kid loves to play. This is your main ruff. Playing with a puppy put a collar quickly on its head and calmly continue to play. If the puppy is protesting because suddenly appeared collar distract it with a toy or change the form of the game. Does it not work? Select a different tactics. Wearing a collar on the puppy immediately give him a treat, then the collar should be removed, giving nothing. If the puppy is too stubborn and constantly strives to pull the collar, wear it before the feeding, and then give him food. Mostly it accustoms to the collar in three or four days. Getting used to a leash Going out with the puppy for a walk, just fasten the leash to the collar. Being outdoors, the puppy pays attention to a thousand new sounds and smells, he immediately forgets about such small thing as the leash. It doesn't happen always. Sometimes the puppy may fear, stay put or even throw a fit. In this case, you can never tug it, pull or roughly speak and yell. It is necessary to calm down the little puppy, stroke it, give a treat, and once again try to pull on the leash. If the owner behaves correctly, the negative reaction of the puppy will stop quickly. You can also entice puppy with a toy. Remember that one of the most effective ways to resolve any problems before the age of three months is a game. You can only lure your puppy, but in any case don't pull him. It is important to remember that you walk with the dog, and not vice versa. It is strictly prohibited to the puppy to play with the leash. If the owner at this time pulls the leash, the dog thinks he is involved into the game. What we can do in such a situation? The best way is to throw the leash, stop playing because the leash does not resist, and therefore it is not interesting. When the puppy leaves the leash alone, offer him a stick or a favorite toy, play with it. It even would be better if you'll occupy the jaws of the dog with a toy, thereby preventing undesirable behavior. In a short time, the dog will understand that he cannot play with the leash. At first you can let the puppy walk without a leash, but don't unfasten the leash. Let him to become accustomed to it, and it will be quieter - you'll always have time to feel it under foot, thereby stopping the dog and protecting him from danger. Training to the collar and leash isn't a simple process. It also will be easy for you and your dog to cope with any orders, just try a little bit.