Dog training: Top 5 forbidden methods

Dog training, feeding and their upbringing, often are built on myths and prejudices about the features of their breed, nature and origin. Sometimes this happens because of lack of information or even unwillingness to study it. Nevertheless, many recommendations based on misconceptions, lead to critical consequences - from harm to health of the dog to the destruction of your relationship with it. Painful punishment Very often, owners like to punish dogs physically, hurt them. However, it has long been proven that such punishments are ineffective, since spoil the relationship between owner and pet and lead to psychological injuries of an animal. Nevertheless, owners-amateurs still use a leash, newspaper or what comes to hand to punish the dog. So, fighting breeds of dogs response aggressively at such training. As well as, frequent physical punishments lower the threshold of aggression - an animal loses its confidence to a man, he seems to it unpredictable, because of that, the dog would bite more often. Also, regular painful punishment leads to chronic stress an animal, because of it, its health becomes worse - tumors appear, immunity reduces, digestion is disturbed. Before you strike at the dog, think about the following: any behavior and action is under any cause. All the reasons are under psychological or biological needs, and painful punishment cannot solve the problem. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the positive effect of physical punishment is too brief. Adding bitterness to feed Very often, inexperienced trainers are trying to wean the pet of the habit, and they put into its mouth meat with mustard or liberally sprinkle with pepper favorite treat. Unfortunately, this method is completely ineffective. Indeed, once you decided to fool the dog, do not forget that the dog lives in a world of smells and other time it will never come to that has such a disturbing smell. However, all the other bad things from the street will pick up with joy. Devices with shockers In Western countries, quite popular are collars and devices for education with electricity. In theory, of course, all is well. Nevertheless, in practice, such devices are very dangerous because they can cause the animal to chronic stress, accidental associations and the destruction of the relationship with the owner. The dog really can stop barking, but forever. The owner gets traumatized animal, which will start to shed after the stress and will get infectious diseases due to lower immunity. Taking away treats and toys Such behavior will only teach a pet distrust to the owner, because he behaves too unpredictable. Regular taking away personal items, sweets and food lead to stress, as it is an absolute violation of the natural needs of the dog. Sharp jerks on the leash Sudden jerks on the leash are almost useless, since cause back problems. Causing pain, they lead to problems with the animal's behavior - increased aggression, irritability, stress. To teach the dog to walk beside you and not to pull the leash, the best is to use treats for training, as well as longer walks.