Dog's cowardice: causes, methods of controlling, fear

Causes of cowardice The most common cause of dog's cowardice is the fact that the owners of nurseries while breeding of purebred dogs pay little attention to animals' behavior of in the pursuit of attractive exterior. Also owners have impact on the dog's psyche. If the representatives of small breeds seem defenseless and weak, the owner takes them on hands when there's a big dog nearby. Thus, the wrong behavior of the owner lays dog's fear. Not only lap dogs have fears. Cowardice is often characterized to dogs from shelters and "lost dogs" Animals with a difficult fate are very difficult to adapt. If a man ever hurt a dog, the dog won't trust other people. Experts identify three main reasons of the formation of a cowardly nature. They are: • Lack of warmth and their mothers' care People's aggression • Staying alone in a kennel, lack of communication with people and other animals Most often at a young age dogs can become coward​​ because that their mother paid little attention to the puppy and its brothers and sisters were more developed physically and dominated. Fears may appear due to the fact the baby was taken from its mother very early. Adult dogs may be scared for all life after they were abused by people. Fighting fears It isn't easy for the owners who have cowardly dogs. But it's possible for the dog to get rid of fears. It is important to socialize the pet. You must play with it more often and make it clear that the street is dangerous but the other dogs are friendly. You can intervene on behalf of your pet only in case of real danger. Let the dog think there is someone who will protect it. Don't punish puppies. Even if he did some dirt. It is not the fault of the animal, it's the mistake of its owner. The best is to follow the puppy, and if it's impossible, you should leave the dog in the territory where it is free to play and won't damage property. Before vaccinations you can introduce your puppy to the outside world. Let it look out the window. You can go out with the puppy on the street, holding it in your arms. It'll be able to see people, cars, houses and other dogs. If a puppy behaves well, you should encourage it with some delicacy. What are dogs afraid of? The average dog is surrounded by a lot of things and creatures which can scare it. The cause of the fear can be even the owner, who began the wrong acquintance with the pet. Very often the dogs from shelters uncertainly behave well with their neighbors. It is important to help the dog to socialize. You should "introduce" it first with one dog, then with another one. So as long as the four-legged friend doesn't understand that other dogs aren't dangerous for it. This process is long, but spent time is worth the dog was sociable and fun. A dog can be scared of storm or fireworks. Don't feel sorry for the dog, don't take him up and calm in every way. If the fear is settled then it would be harder to get rid of it. Behave calmly. You can distract the dog from what has frightened her, playing or running with it.