Dog trimming

There are certain rules of grooming various breeds of dogs. Following the rules, peculiarities of each breed hair growth is taken into account and they seek to make the desired hairstyle. Particular care requires Cocker's hair. Dogs of two months have their hair on pads cut and it's edges. The main way to care for this breed of dog is the trimming. It involves plucking of dead hairs and undercoat with hands. You also need to trim your dog's hair on the muzzle, ears and tail. The regular care needs very tough hair of griffin. In addition to daily brushing the dog, it must be regularly trimmed manually. Trimming places should be the chest, legs and tail of this breed of dogs. The hair on the muzzle and belly is cut with scissors. On its cheeks and beard you can leave hair for decoration. If the dog prepares for the show, the haircut and trimming are carried three months before it. Poodle haircut is done as its hair grows. Over time, the wavy and soft hair of the puppy turns into traditional curls-ringlets. Such hair needs regular and careful combing. Haircut style is chosen by the owner, depending on individual preferences. Terrier's hair should be shaved a few times a year with a groomer, because these dogs don't shed. Between haircuts, a couple of times a week, be sure to comb a dog with a massage brush. It will help its hair not to turn into mates. The dog needs a good trimming before the shows. Flat-coated dogs have to be cut with clippers and thinning shears. It gives nice look for cheeks and the contours of the dog are emphasized. Pekingese hair grows about one centimeter per month. Therefore, it is necessary to cut its hair every month after bathing. Careful trimming will emphasize all the advantages of the breed. In the summer it'll help to prevent hair rolling and overheating under the sun. To cut Pekingese hair cutting shears and special machines designed for the care of thick hair are used. It is important to know that each breed requires an individual type of haircut. Dogs care not only promotes the beauty, but also the health maintenance of your beloved pet.