Unusual American half breed

The reason of this breeding is unknown. But most likely, such experiments were held by experts and ordinary people crossed different breeds to get "something" out of the ordinary. Today the breed hasn't been recognized yet, but they're bred with high responsibility to make its standards perfect. The dog experts have the goal - to submit the candidacy of cockapoo as one of a number of so-called designer breeds on the court of the International Canine Federation. Meanwhile, these dogs of medium size (height is up to 40 cm, and the weight is around 11 kg) and of toy type are very popular among the inhabitants of North America. It is worth noting, looking from the side, anyone can hardly argue about cocker spaniel's blood in this dog. The appearance of cocker-poodle is more like a typical poodle on high legs with curly hair. But there are differences. It is a form of head and hanging ears with long hair as the English Cocker Spaniel has. The hair is of different colors and if to compare with a poodle, it's gentle and soft. In addition, the cockapoo shed a little which also is positive. Such cuties with thi temperament fit for any family and get along not only with adults and young masters but with other pets too. Although, in reference to other lap dogs it isn't recommended to get cockapoos as living toys. The owner must also remember about the hunting instincts of his pet. Both cocker spaniel and a poodle became lap dogs recently, and their ancestors played a very different role - the role of an important part to hunt game. Therefore, some dogs have some aggressiveness, and it is necessary to learn to "extinguish" it socializing the animals from early childhood. This will require a standard course of training and frequent energetic walks with a variety of games (in particular, "Fetching!' stick or a ball). In general terms cocker poodle with appropriate care (combing hair, the annual haircut, ear cleaning, regular visits to the vet, proper balanced nutrition) and education (training, activity, socialization) will be excellent companions for man and his family, bringing joy to the house.