Shetland sheepdog

Shetland Islands are it homeland. There dogs were used to control the flocks of sheep there. The dogs looked after the sheep and didn't allow them to disperse. If the lamb moved away from the herd, the dog caught it and slightly nipped sheep's legs, thus indicating that it is better to return to the flock. It should be noted this working instinct firmly stuck in its head. Even today, the dog consider its owner as its herd. For example, if some family member is away from the company during a walk, Sheltie gets nervous and "demands" him to come back. Such responsibility for the family. Sheltie really has golden temper. Animal easily gets along with everyone who lives with it in the same place. It isn't a problem for it to find a common language with family members and other pets. Another feature of the Sheltie is that the dog is adapted to the rhythm of life of the owner and is very sensitive to his mood. Shelties love exercise. The dog is an excellent companion for jogging. Shelties don't really like idleness. But it unlikely ​​shows the discontent. So to spend time in front of TV with a dog is also an option. Someone may be scared of potential difficulties with the care of a luxurious hair of Sheltie. But dog owners say it is in vain. This breed can live without frequent washing and combing over time. Of course, dogs need regular care. But you can be sure that care doesn't require much effort. Another one reward from nature is its colors of unusual beauty. This is the whole palette of sable colors and black-and-white, silver and brown. Many dogs have white marks all over their body. Sheltie needs constant physical and mental stress. The dog is always full of energy. Therefore, it requires plenty of space outdoors. Do not be surprised if Sheltie does everything possible to gather animals and people in the group on the street. This is another manifestation of the herding instinct. Sheltie brings joy to its owners and isn't picky in food. The daily diet is recommended to divide into two times. It is important to watch the dog doesn't put on excess weight. Sheltie with pleasure will eat dry feed and natural food. Proponents of natural food should ensure that there is enough protein in the food. Curd, cereals, vegetables, boiled fish and some other products will restore energy and help to maintain the beauty and volume of hair. Now a few words about the shortcomings which may be considered conventional. First, the dogs of this breed hate loneliness. They are very sad when they are alone. Do not leave your pet without care. This can be stressful for it. Secondly, sheltie loves to "talk." You must prepare yourself to a permanent noise, or teach a puppy from the childhood "turn down the sound."