A dog for a child

How to choose a dog for a child? For the beginning, it is necessary to understand that most of the responsibility will fall on the parents. According to our laws, children younger than 14 years can not walk with the dog without being accompanied by an adult.If you are well aware of this, then we can choose. The first thing to consider is the age of the child. Children under 5 years old are not advised to get a pet as a small child can easily inadvertently harm a puppy, not even realizing it. Or vice versa, the puppy while playing can push or scare the kid. The best age is 7 years. The child is independent enough, and is able to be actively involved in caring for four-legged pet. The most important issue when choosing a dog for a child is a breed. Never choose dog only in appearance! Few people know that the "plush" Huskies is poorly oriented on human breed, is bad to train and cutie beagles are prone to escape. Each breed has its own temper and its own characteristics, so you should carefully consider all the information on the breed while surfing the Internet and then go to the nursery and to the dog show, to communicate with the owners and see the animals live. Then buy. An exterior, of course, is also important, for example, if you plan to ski with a dog, then Chinese dog obviously won't be cuitable for you. Selecting the right breed of dog for your child requires an individual approach, depending on the desires and capabilities of your family. There are some general guidelines which will help you to navigate around the variety of breeds. The first is the size of the dog. It is advised to purchase a pet that will not weigh more than your child. It is very important that the child could cope with the dog! The second thing you should pay attention to is the type of hair. Some dogs require specialist care - haircut and trimming. Can you pay for these services every couple of months? It is worth thinking about what is activeness. If you plan to hike with the dog, ski, exercise - you need to choose the energetic dogs. If you are calm, and ready for walking around the house - it is better to take the dog, which does not need a lot of stress, so it gladly lay with you on the couch. Of course, when choosing a dog for your child it isn't necessary to take service animals, such as Dobermann, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Shepherd and others. These dogs require a serious approach and it would be difficult for a child to cope with them! Finally, I want to remind you that choosing a dog for your child - you pick him a friend and companion for games for the next 10 years, so take this issue with the utmost seriousness!