Drever - Companion on all fronts of life

Drever, a hunting dog is very popular and loving in one of the Nordic countries (Scandinavia). From the first moment of its appearance, these very similar to bassets dogs (low height - up to 40 cm, the weight up to 15 kg, long body, hanging ears) and Beagle (red color with white markings on neck, chest, snout, belly, legs and tip of the tail), "modern" hounds were used (and now are used) for hunting hares, foxes, wild boars and deer. Like all hunting dogs, they have excellent upper and lower instincts, hearing, strength (despite of a little height, their body is quite strong and muscular), endurance, agility, courage and hard work. Their main task was always to stalk the beast, to hold it until the hunter comes or "driven shooting" Drevers can easy "work" alone or in the company of other dogs following all orders. Today, the owners of high hunting qualities live in families in Sweden (in other countries the breed is little-known and you can find it only in Denmark), and give pleasure to their owners. Drever is always cheerful, frisky but at the same time balanced, not quick-tempered, and unpredictability isn't inherent to it. To be completely happy, these dogs have to live in country houses with large surrounding areas or nearby forest. Drevers need to run, frolic, chase some small forest animal or track down its location. Such conditions are created by experienced masters not only because of the "understanding" the dog's requirements, but also because of their frequent deaths in the city. While chasing “the prey” they may not see the danger and be hit by a car. Taking care of such dogs isn't difficult. The short hair is easily cleaned from the grass and dead hairs with the help of a brush. It doesn't need frequent bathing. Dirty feet may be wiped with a damp cloth and hair is better to comb once again or wipe with a towel tipped in warm water. It is also worth remembering about the rational balanced feeding. Its skeleton needs calcium and other nutrients, and the animal shouldn't gain weight.