The breed of the dog and the character of its owner

In today's world, there are dozens of dog breeds. For our beloved pets, there are vet clinics, salons, hair salons, and special fortified feeds are developed for dogs, that not everyone can buy them. The expression "dog's life" for most home dogs is absolutely unacceptable, as they are not exposed to stress and many other stimuli of our society. In loving and caring owners dogs life-being can be equated to the "earth paradise". People pick up dog breed, based on their character, manners and temperament. Imagine a huge Great Dane, who proudly walks on a leash in front of its eminent master. Mastiffs have long been considered bodyguards of monarchs and kings, they adorned living rooms and fireplace rooms, these dogs were considered the best guards of small children. Today, to afford such a luxury - to get a dog of 70 cm in height at the withers - not everyone can, because these apartment dwellers need a lot of space, lots of food, it needs long and regular walks in fresh air, and the current yards in the neighborhood are not adapted for gigantic dog’s walks. Hence, the conclusion, the dogs keep people wealthy, important and imposing of life. They are businessmen, artists, writers, military commanders, politicians, scientists, have a solid country houses and a lot of apartments in the cities where the dog feels itself comfortable. Another thing is a disheveled Bolognese, barking at all: dogs and humans. Her master is likely to be some kind of eccentric woman of advanced years, that will "bark" at all which she does not like. Teenagers who dream to be lifeguards, detectives and frontier guards get search dogs, Eastern European, German and Belgian Shepherds. Shepherd is recognized as the best breed that is trained rapidly and well. Trainings with it in the Kennel Club mobilizes and disciplines the young man, brings him a sense of duty and responsibility. Stolid and slow-looking Rottweilers bred in Germany in the middle Ages to protect flocks of sheep from wolves raids near the town of Rottweil, do not belong to lap dogs. This is also a category of search dogs, carrier service in the police, army, border and customs. The dog is strong, aggressive and with bad training is capable to cause a lot of trouble to others. Secretive, preferring a secret way of life and very vain people get such dogs. Increased attention of people surrounding them make through the dog is not well established due to terrible temper and unpredictable behavior. People with a loving character, involved in sports, preferring sedentary life get Boxers. Boxers, unlike Rottweilers, are not evil dogs, but can stand up for themselves and their masters in the event of an attack of hooligans and other criminals. Dobermann pinschers get used to work in the service of detectives of the UK and Germany. Clever, cunning and bloodthirsty dogs were merciless to those whom they persecuted and hunted for the owner's command. Mainly people who are not self-confident and are in need of a good protection of apartments, their small children (because the dog is also a great bodyguard), or a professional dog handlers, rescuers conductors of search dogs get such dogs. Bulldogs and Pugs do not take up much space, do not require special care and are sufficiently independent, becomeу the darlings of large families and single pensioners. Rumor ascribes them a lot of different tales about aggression, as the appearance of little dogs do not dispose friendliness. Nevertheless, it all depends on the nature of the master: he will bring up his pet, whether it is a pug or a bulldog. The grip of these dogs, however, is dead, it is better not to be caught in the teeth. Fighting dogs is the passion of gambling people, rather cruel and cynical by nature, because not every compassionate owner will allow his beloved pet to go in the ring, where the toothy rival bites, and possibly bite to death the weaker dog. Lap dogs such as poodles are considered home and fashionable society salons decoration. The affluent housewives, converting the four-legged friends in the fun for themselves get such dogs, for guests and for the public gather at the show. Professional hunters get hunting dogs who cannot cope without them. Moreover, the kindest and selfless people on earth who love dogs just because they are intelligent and loyal creatures keep street dogs.