What a way to opt for dog training?

Raising a puppy is for those accustomed to his place (corner) in the house, to develop the ability to respond to the nickname, execute simple commands, discipline for order and cleanliness in the house. All attempts to start training right away as soon as the puppy came home.

As they grow older dog mastered simple training and skills, you can begin the rate of obedience, the optimal age of the dog for this 6-8 months.

1. Self-dog training

Option difficult but doable, provided that there are practical and theoretical knowledge. If the firm decided to train his dog, please be patience and persistence and "iron" peace of mind.

Start at the first stage, the theoretical knowledge. Examine information about conditioned and unconditioned stimuli, characteristics of conditioned reflexes in dogs. Correct taming it is based on reflex mechanisms and it is important to understand their coach, otherwise you fail the venture at the very beginning, then even the most experienced professional can not understand.

In addition, it will be easier to learn the experience of training, knowledge of the psycho dog and accurately determine which of them belongs to your four-legged friend. Define the algorithm of your actions, building a logical connection and command skills by following them,-model them to perfection.

When learning a simple command "fu", "next", "place", "sit", "me" is not complicated commands, and especially with a partner is not required. But there are skills that are not recommended to work without an instructor. This is something that concerns the protection of, the object of protection, the owner of the detention of the enemy. In no case did not ask for loved ones or friends to play the role of an attacker, it is fraught with dangers to human health and the breakdown of the psyche of your dog.

2. Group training on site under the supervision of an instructor.

Typically, a group of dogs are about the same age, size and level of training. Each dog, before the training, pass simple tests to determine the psycho dog in the future it will take account of what the coach for teaching.

The essence of teaching is that you'll teach your dog under the guidance of an instructor. The task of the instructor is not in training your pet, it's a minor problem. Group training at the site is mainly focused on how to properly do it for you. The classes show how to punish or praise the dog how to successfully do whatever she assimilated these or other techniques. Completing quests for re already own if you admit mistakes cynologist correct you and tell what is correct.

After the class, you get homework, repeat and practice it on the court. On next lesson, the task is checked, if the reception is learned, learning continues, and if not worked through again.

After the course of group training your dog is finished, it is important not to let her forget what she had learned. To do this, go to intensive lessons to fellow (that is periodically repeated receptions).

Advantages of this study are clear. Low probability of acceptance of any errors, do not need to learn lots of information, the instructor will guide you, and now the process of taming established and will be developed efficiently.

3. Lessons with an instructor individually

Option as the previous one, with the only difference being that the instructor will deal exclusively with your dog.


- Maximum time given to the dog, more information and useful tips for dog owner;

-You choose the place, time and duration of employment, which is to build a class schedule based on their free time.


- The high cost of such studies, they are usually more expensive than a few as opposed to the group;

- The dog blunted natural stimuli (caused by contact with other dogs) that you need to experience and further action in the settlement process.

4. Training instructor without the host.

You bring your dog to the place of employment and leave for 1-2 hours of training time. Of course, conveniently taking the dog, she already has a number of commands (go there, sit, down, etc.). Or even easier you can take in the temper center, and a time to get ready-trained dog, trained and managed. The biggest disadvantage - you do not get the experience, knowledge, techniques for managing their own dog. Perhaps not a very pleasant development of this venture, the dog will learn to listen to the coach, and you ignore and be uncontrollable. The only authority for the dog to be the owner only. In addition, the separation from the owner, great stress for the dog.

In conclusion, I want to add, based on experience and his friends start dog training is better in a group or individually. Excludes initial mistakes that sometimes you can not fix. You in turn will receive a "sea" of useful knowledge on training, care, maintenance and other things of his friend, which alone is worth the pleasure of victories and achievements of your pet and making new friends.

What a way to opt for dog training?