All about buying a puppy

So, what breed of dog do you need? You have to find out all merits and demerits of the breed you want to buy. Maybe, some characteristics won’t be suitable for you. The best is to start with consultation in vet. Find out what diseases might it have, what feed it needs and what lifestyle is the best for it. The next question: what size will your best friend be? Is your apartment in the city good for big dogs? Will it look for the “5th corner” at your “kennel”? If you have a country house you won’t find the best place for it. Now, find out for yourself: Are you able to keep the dog financially? You will have to buy food, medicine and other things. Are you ready to walk with it in the morning and in the evening? You will not get a chance to call off walks if you need it. An important question: What hair type does it have? I mean longhaired or shorthaired dog. If it’s hairless dog you must know they can’t stand colds and you’ll have to buy clothes for it in autumn or winter. If you choose a poodle, schnauzer or cocker spaniel you have to cut their hair once in 2 months. There will be much hair of Moscow Watchdog or sheep dog, so the best place for them is a country house. How much time and attention are you going to give your dog? You’ll have a resident at home that needs care and your time, and if your working state demands a lot of time than forget about getting a dog, because your dg will be bored at home. You have a child. If your child isn’t 5 yet, then both of them will cause many worries and troubles until they get on well with each other. Children of this age think puppies, kittens and other animals are toys. They will hug them, grasp any part of the body and eat from the same plate. Puppy may accidently injure and hurt your child. Keep an eye open for both of them. Choosing a puppy. Before buying a puppy you should know that it’s you who is responsible for its training and teaching. You’re wrong if you think that if its parents are well-bred and intelligent then a puppy is as intelligent as its parents. Good character of your dog is the result of tireless training and education from the very childhood. You should think where your puppy will sleep. It must be quiet, protected from drafts corner and in any case not next to the radiator. As a bedding, a matrass filled with hay will be fine. Buy food, bowls for food and drink and some toys. You can buy a puppy if everything is prepared. One more important question: Whom to choose – male or lady-dog? Your own taste will help you. There is no matter to advise anything. While the puppy grows, be ready for some losses, for example ripped shoes, broken and scuffed furniture. It will be a grand test of your patience until the puppy learns some things are forbidden. So, finally everything is good and you come to buy a puppy. Maybe you'll give puppy a chance to choose the owner? It will be most right choice, rely on dog's scent. When you're buying a puppy have a look at its hair, if it's clean and healthy, eyes and ears must be clean and without discharge. It's necessary to show it to vet who will check its health and consult you about vaccination and feed.