Toy dogs

Keep the court miniature doggie became popular. Great ladies prefer to take puppies to the ball, thus emphasizing the kind of wealth and nobility. Unlike their foreign relatives, modern toy terrier slightly less (weighing about 3 kg, with an increase to 28 cm). In our country there are two types: short-haired and long-haired Moscow. In English Toy Terrier coat is shorter. Small, like toys dog. Always good-natured and friendly. They know how to amuse and entertain their master, to lift a bad mood. Cute snout, beady eyes, ears sticking up, funny ponytail and sonorous voice ... The dog looks very touching. However, do not underestimate the little one! The dog is very intelligent and quick-witted, brave and resourceful. No worse than the big terrier. When danger bravely rush at the offender, all the forces trying to protect the host. The distinctive trait is its dedication crumbs. Very hard to tolerate separation from loved ones. So leave the crumbs for a long time is not necessary. Dimensions dogs and simplicity of everyday life can take it with me everywhere. Baby will fit easily into your purse or happily settle down in his lap. Care for the terrier snap. Enough to feed twice a day. Dogs do not eat a lot. Treat the little dog something tasty. He will be greatly appreciated. Tiny Terrier does not take up much space. Conveniently located even in a one-room apartment. Animal can settle on a mat or in special houses for cats. There's little dog will be cozy and comfortable. If you are unable to walk your pet, it is easy to teach a dog to cat litter. Special trays are suitable for your pet. A walk in the fresh air - the favorite activity baby. So that the conclusions of the dog for a walk more often. Dogs are very susceptible to low temperatures. The dog may freeze and get sick. If it's cold outside - do not forget to dress your baby warm. In our time, a host of specialty shops. There you can pick up quite a varied wardrobe for his pupil. Some designers create a whole line of clothing for toy terriers. Open barbershops, hotels, restaurants, where customers are these lovely creatures. Some agencies offer services to the marriage between dogs. All this shows the popularity of this breed. Have this puppy was prestigious. Go to the party taking with him tererchika - fashionable. Given all this, it is safe to say that toy terriers have won a place of honor in our lives and in our hearts.