Psychological compatibility of a man and a dog

Many hunting and shepherd breeds such as Collies, Border Collies, Corgis, German shepherds, Retrievers, Kurta and Hounds can be on the street for a long time, but they need to spend night in the room. You can leave them in barns or other outbuildings only in those cases, if you have several dogs and they are not alone there. Great Danes, Bulldogs, Dobermann Pinschers, Rottweilers, Boxers, Bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers can't live on the street. Also, lapdogs and hairless dogs can't live on the street. Regardless of where the dog will live, it needs to open up your place of living, the regime, the household, and it should know all your family. This means that for its socialization, even if it lives outside, sometimes it is necessary to let it be in the living space. You should keep in mind that if you live on the upper floors and you have to climb the stairs, then there can be problems with large animals, if you have to carry them on hands in case of injury or surgery. The same problem is with puppies of large breeds, up to 4-5 months of age it isn't recommended to allow them to climb and down the stairs, as it is bad for the development and strengthening of fore feet. Therefore, they have to carry them on hands. While choosing a dog you must take into account your character and temperament. If you are an extrovert - open, communicative, initiative, enjoy to spend free time actively, you should choose a breed that requires a large range of movement, physical activity. Staffordshire Terriers, Dobermanns, Retrievers, German Shepherds and Collies will be good for you. For introverts, people who prefer loneliness, quiet life, phlegmatic and not too energetic breeds such as British or American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Labradors, Caucasian Shepherds will be good for you. Of course, all members of the same breed do not have to be of exactly the same temperament. They, like people can be divided into choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. This does not mean that some of them are worse and some better, it means they are different. Of course, it's unnecessary for a choleric man to have dog-choleric or melancholic-man to have a dog with a melancholic character! The dog should complement human pecularities, thus forming a tandem. A choleric. He has a tendency to mood swings, quickly winds up, can't calm down for a long time, impatient, usually they are good actors and speakers. Basically, these people dominate over the others, and they prefer beings who obey him are next to him. Choleric will not tolerate another choleric next to him, he perfectly lives with sanguine person, which will respond calmly to his mood swings. But the phlegmatic will bring choleric to a white heat, and sensitive melancholic will put at his heart-strings. Sanguine people. They are more restrained, quickly wind up but also quickly calm down, focused and cool in extreme situations, are able to mobilize quickly and attract attention. They're good in tandem with the choleric people, sanguine nice get along nice with sanguine people, phlegmatic can amuse them but melancholic can rouse them. Phlegmatic. They have good logical thinking, a stable mind, dominance, subordination, in a fit of anger may lose control of themselves, but to put him in a fume will not be easy. Most phlegmatics do not like pets, so those who are planning to get a dog, must think carefully about this step, but in any case he mustn't take a choleric dog, a good tandem will be with phlegmatic animals, sanguine is good too, but only not an aggressive dog. Melancholics. He is sensitive, romantic, very delicate and lonely in the soul man. A lapdog or stable sanguine guard will be good. Melancholics aren't advised to train a dog, it's better to apply to an expert.