Pet Insurance

It should be noted that insure their pets in many European countries people can not just, as required. And in the case of failure of this procedure to citizens with pets, these countries face a large, multi-thousand fine. Animal several types of insurance, but the most popular among them - the so-called "Pet - insurance," or veterinary insurance. Its essence lies in the fact that the insurance company sets up an arrangement with pet stores and veterinary clinics. Buying a pet store animal, a person receives an insurance policy that in the case of the animal will be able to go to a veterinary clinic, where the animal is naturally at a discount or free of charge, will be supported. And in the case of death of the animal, its owner will be able to get a decent compensation. But then, of course, insurers are reinsured and establish its limitations. So according to their needs, the age of the dog or cat who wants to insure the owner, must be from 3-7 months to 5-8 years. In addition, such an animal have to be registered in one of the amateur clubs or societies. To get insurance, you will need to submit a certificate stating that the animal is completely healthy and he made all the necessary vaccinations. More insurers will necessarily require a document from a pet store, indicating the value of a pet. List of insured animals is not limited to cats and dogs, and can insure large and small livestock, beehives and apiaries whole, as well as exotic animals such as monkeys, boa constrictors, lizards, birds, etc. Insure the same animals, usually from disease, but many insurers extend the list of misfortunes that can happen to pets. This list may include, electric shock, heat and sunstroke, bites of poisonous animals (snakes, spiders), the attacks of stray dogs or foxes. As well as fires, natural disasters, injuries from vehicles falling on animals aircraft and meteorites. In addition, the animal can be insured against theft or deliberate poisoning by other persons. If you decide to take a trip and brought along your pet, then you will also need to draw on his insurance for your trip. And if at that time the animal gets sick, you will be able to treat it on favorable terms. Yet there is liability insurance pet owners. After all, not all of our pets is so peaceful and safe for the environment. If, for example, your dog or cat accidentally cause material harm to the people around you, the insurance will cover the losses from this incident, provided of course that you have complied with all the safety rules of animal welfare. To date, the cost of insurance for pets can range from 0.7 to 7% of the sum insured, and she, in turn, is approximately equal to the value of the animal. Of course, this amount may vary depending on the type of pet and the environment in which it is contained. If the U.S. and the European Union this type of insurance is fairly widespread, in our country is still a lot of it is not even heard it is safe to say that these developments will soon get to us, and pet insurance will become an integral part of our lives.