Dogs U.S. presidents

The story began November 4, 2008, when Barack Obama spoke at a rally in Chicago. By that time it was obvious his victory over Republican candidate John McCain. Obama delivered a sufficiently long festive speech, but the audience 60000th most memorable words that the future president addressed both his daughters. "Sasha and Malia, I love you so much that you have no idea and I think we deserved to get small dog, which will take the White House. " These words were off the cuff, so - a tribute to tradition. Almost every owner of the building on Pennsylvania Avenue 16 (here in Washington is the White House) had a dog. In America, there is even a whole institute first pet - pet number 1. For many Americans, especially the young, the question of what kind of dog President Barack Obama will choose to take it with you, is more important than the war in Gaza or the economic crisis. History, however, has not kept nicknames pet dogs CEOs United States - George Washington and John Adams. But the fact that they had a dog, it is proved. Otherwise, the King of Spain would not send as a gift to George Washington is a puppy. However, beginning with the third president of historians began to pay more attention to the fact of the presence of the presidents of the dogs and their nicknames. Now historians citing archival documents can absolutely authoritatively declare, except aristocratic Chester Arthur, who led the U.S. from 1881 to 1885, every president had a favorite dog, which he kept in the White House. Those dogs sometimes became heroes of the media. The most popular among first pet was Peacock - a dog of President William Taft (1909-1913), the umbilical cord - Franklin Roosevelt, tractor - Linda Dzhonson.Posledny was so famous that his image muzzles published on the cover of the famous magazine Life. Gerald Ford, when he demanded that the Rottweiler walking, suspended all state affairs. Barney, the dog of President George W. Bush, was the hero of a special transfer. In one of them starred former head of the Cabinet Tony Bler.Posle this program to it, by the way, and knit nasty nickname - "Bush's favorite poodle." Some dogs have played a large role in politics. For example, a feather - the daughter of a dog named Arrow, which is the head of the Soviet space program Sergei Korolev with Belka launched into space on the eve of Gagarin's flight. Fluff was given by Nikita Khrushchev to President John F. Kennedy after the Cuban missile crisis as a symbol of peace between the people of the U.S. and the USSR. In Washington, there is even a museum of presidential dogs. It contains information about 400 dogs who for two centuries have lived in the Residence. In this format, there is nothing unpredictable that question, what kind of dog will choose Barack Obama became the real entertainment for the nation. There was even a special term, "Obama Dog» (Obama's dog). The problem of selecting the optimal dogs through articles zhurnalov.Luchshie most reputable dog breeders gave their recommendations. According to estimates, 56 million people were left on internet forums their thoughts on the matter. Just go on the Internet are numerous voting on the candidates of different breeds. All of America wondered and wonders: what breed representative - poodle, Labrador or fee - will win in this exotic competition for the title of first pet? Some demanded that Obama found a puppy with a good pedigree. Others felt that the last choice should make yourself Sasha and Malia. However, without the help of experts can not get along. Since Malia is allergic to dog hair. Therefore, the field of candidates was reduced. American Kennel Club - the most famous canine organization in the country - organized its vote on Obama's nominee for the dog. The finalists were five breeds - poodle, Irish terrier, shnautser, Chinese Crested and lapdog. Taking into account the 42 million people vote, the winner was a poodle. Although the president himself said that he took the dog out of the kennel for stray animals. Dogs without pedigree was good, by the way, a little bit at the Residence. Presumably most enjoyed great fame among them the tractor, which Linda Johnson picked up at a gas station in Texas. The idea of ​​taking the White House puppy from the kennel is very popular among animal advocates. The Best Friends Animal Society - Association of Friends of Animals - has received 50,000 letters in support of such a move of the president. Members of the organization have the hope that the example of Obama will give a boost to humanity drew attention to the fate of the remaining smaller human friends. However, doctors believe that Barack and Michelle Obama should not risk it. A dog of unknown origin can also be dangerous to the health of Malia. The fate of the new first pet was partially resolved on January 11. Obama family, as Barak said, found in dog kennel two likely candidates. One - Labrador. The second - a Portuguese dog breeds. Thus, there is not much to wait to find out who among them will be the winner and will move to the president. Intrigue, you see, is not inferior to the intrigue of presidential elections in the United States. In conclusion, it remains to add that the dog can create many problems for the hosts White doma.Tak Buddy, the Clintons dog, do not get along with their cat Sox. After numerous fights cat was forced to live in another wing of the presidential administration.