White cat breeds with different eyes

Turkish Van Kedis First a little bit about the wild ancestors of these beauties. Most cats living near Lake Van - white color. Local residents say they are about a hundred years ago lived exclusively in the mountains, but for unknown reasons, began to go down to the villages to the people. They have eyes of different colors, thick hair of medium length. They had a great swim and dive for fish and hunt . White cats allowed to enter the mosque. Standard, which is recognized in Turkey for the breed - this white cat with different eyes. They weigh about 3.5-4 kg. Raznoglazye cats of this breed as a blue-eyed and never will be born deaf. Other cats Turks believe ordinary serf. Because of religious and ethnic hatred, the breed almost disappeared. Only through a single representative , miraculously surviving at home and exported overseas, this breed could resume. Now Turkey organized a "house of white Wan", which contains the color of the cat with different eyes. Take out of the country this breed is strictly prohibited. White Turkish Van is a monument in the city of Van. White Van cat is a symbol of Turkey and protected by law. Angora cat Turkish Angora - is an active cat that is constantly in motion. This cat is usually chooses one host to which it is committed and eager to spend time with him. Cats of this breed for a long time do not sit on their hands, they prefer to spend time in the games. They weigh from 2.5 to 4.5 kg. They have no undercoat. At the tail and fur collar is very long and very thick. On its hind legs - pants. Most white angorok with blue or colored eyes are born deaf. Kao mani mani or khao Khao Manees kittens are born with white fur . These cats are a sign of the breed or two blue eyes or one eye blue, the other emerald. Cats average size. "Cao Mani "translated means" white pearl . Its also called "diamond eye","Diamond Eyes". The distinguishing feature - a colorful border around the irises of the eyes. Undercoat of fur with a small, very dense. The tail is longer than the entire body of the cat. Periodically kittens are born in litters with multicolored coat color. Eye color of this breed is established definitively longer than other breeds. Sometimes kittens are born with dark gray markings on the head between the ears. These spots disappear by the time the cat reaches a more advanced age .