Superstitions related to a cat

In every world nation, there are plenty of superstitions, associated with a cat.Strange, but they are always sad, ill-boding, though a cat is a tender and loving animal. - If the cat licks itself, wait for guests.It beckons them... Find out what guests to expect: If its paws are cold, the guests are unwanted; and if the paws are warm, then the guests will be nice. - If you want a person to visit you more often, drop a small piece of fluff in his pocket.The guest will visit more often and will not forget the gracious hosts. - If the house is just built, do not settle in at once.On the first night in the house let a black cat and a black hen spend the night there; on the second night - the male cat and the female cat, black as well. - If the black cat ran across the road, do not despair!You can spit three times over your left shoulder; you can hold the button in your left hand left-handed and continue your journey; but you can just wait until someone will go first ... - If it sharpens its claws, the weather will change soon! - If it paws the floor, there might be strong wind, blizzard. - If a person is going on a long journey, and a cat ran across the road in front of him, from right to left - the road will be difficult and unsuccessful. - The favorite stretches to man: it says about a new thing! - If it paws the wall - bad weather and wind. - If it curled - there will be frost. - Hides its face and legs - there will be cold. - Sits or lays in the battery?Will be chilly! - Thoroughly licks its "coat" - to the bad weather! - If it sneezed, you can make a wish and it will come true. - If the black cat entered the house, it is to trouble. - Fluffs its tail - to a blizzard. - Licks its tail and tries to hide its head - to rain. - Scratches ears - to the rain. - If she gave birth and she has red or black kittens, then red are required to give to strangers, but keep the black ones.There will be good luck in the house. - If the night before Christmas you have a dream of a black cat, then people will soon get sick. - If it sleeps, lying belly up - there will be warm and sunny. - Licks its paw and hair on the head - it will be a good sunny weather. - Licks foot - to the sun. - Raises its rear paw and licks it - to the sun. - If it suddenly changed its behavior, then someone dies or gets sick at home. - It climbs right to the face and nose, draws air from the mouth or nose of man - to a disease. - If the black or white cat entered the patient room, then he will die. - If you put a cat on the patient bed and it will lie with him, and even fall asleep - he would mand; if the cat escapes and does not want to lie on the patient bed - he will die. - If the cat likes to sleep for a long time at the head of the owner, he will die soon. - If the cat does not want to live with the family, then someone will die in this house. - To hold a black cat in the house of a sailor is a good sign.The husband is required to return to his wife from a voyage! - The cat sits on the table - someone will leave the family or die. - On the board of the ship the cat plays, therefore - there is strong wind and rain. - Black cat sneezed at the wedding.They will have a happy marriage! - It is good luck to take the cat aboard: there will be nice and calm weather.Nevertheless, if someone accidentally throw the cat overboard - will be bad weather! - The cat meows at aboard, tosses and cries - to a storm. - If a cat died in the house - the family will not see happiness! - In Scandinavia still believe in the existence of "the oil cat.According to them, it helps to cook butter and sour cream. - It sits back to the fire - will be a blizzard, storm, wind. - The cat jumped over the grave with the dead - to be unfortunate. - If a black cat lives in the house - you will have a lot of lovers! - It washes ears and snout - strong and abundant rains. - If a child pours a cat with water, it will not live to middle age! - The best friend on the board of the ship - a cat of three colors.It is believed they are better anticipating the storm. - When the fisherman sees a drowned cat, it is better to return home - a bad omen.