Some facts about cats

While licking hair a cat spends the same amount of liquid as when urinating. The normal temperature of cat's body is 38 degrees. Only cats have tortoiseshell and calico colors . A man has 206 bones.A cat has 230 bones A man has 5 spinal bones less than a cat. Cat's tail helps it to keep balance. A cat has 517 muscles, a human body has 650. There are 32 muscles in each cat's ear. A cat can turn its ear for 180 degrees. The range of cat's sound perception is up to 65kGts (humans' up to 20kHz) Many breeds of cats have no eyelashes. Cats are able to distinguish colors. Cats can see in distance up to 60 meters. Cat's peripheral vision is around 285 degrees, and the angle of view is about 185 degrees. White cats with blue eyes are often deaf. Cats can suffer of achromate. Cats badly distuinguish small details. Cats have an excellent night vision, 1/16 of light a man need is enough for them.In the dark a cat uses light reflected even from the retina. Cats can have round, slanted and almond eye shape. Kitten's eye color changes with age. Kittens are born blind and deaf. A cat opens its eyes in the age of a week, in the age of 2 weeks hearing and vision develop. A cat has a uniquw palm's pattern as a human has, so as nose's surface pattern isn't repeated. A few facts about the behavior of our pets ...... When the cat is calm or sleepy she squints. When a cat rubs his head on man's knees that means it loves him and asks for affection. Standing upright ears mean extreme curiosity. When a cat wants to attack it presses the ears to the head. Strongly frightened cat has dilated pupils. Purring cat is calm and relaxing. Uterine purring is a sign of discontent or warning. Briefly purring and whining cats talk with other animals. Hissing cat is a threat,it's a final warning before the attack. When the tail jumps a cat expresses its anger. When the cat rasps its nails loudly she wishes to draw attention to itself. The awesome position for enemy is an arched back. Tired cat's tail hangs down. Harden and slightly hopped tail under his belly shows a disappointment, disgust. Slight wiggling of tail tip shows interest. Sharp tail's bend shows distrust to the man. A tail pulled back shows a willingness to attack. Unhedral tail means complete satisfaction.