Rare and Oriental breeds of cats

LaPerm. Unique in its kind cats’ breed with curly hair, bred in America from the neighborhood cats. They are medium-sized cats, male cats are bigger than female cats. Kittens are sometimes born with no hair or straight hair. After a while, kittens lose their hair, and then grows new, more silky and curly hair. In the first year of life a change of hair can take up several times. There are long-haired and short-haired cats of LaPerm breed.


It’s a breed of short-hair domestic cats. The distinctive feature of these cats are four white feet, white strip on the face and the same white spot on its chest. The body is muscular, of medium length and not fluffy. The hair is short and shiny.

Shorthair and longhair Burmilla

The cat is small, the weight of an adult animal is from 4 to 7 kg. The hair is short, but very thick, dense and beautiful. Its color can be very various. It is a cat with calm nature. It gets along well with other dogs and cats, isn’t hostile to others, usually plays with things. It’s got much hair and needs constant care. Shorthair and longhair cats are different only by the features of hair.

Californian Splendid
It is a creation of cat breeders. It looks like a wild cat.

The sizes of these cats can be from large to medium. The body is elongate and not a lot muscular. The hair is soft and short, and is a little longer on the tail and on a stomach. They are perfect for family life . They are dynamic but not naughty, outgoing and always friendly. They love to walk in the streets, climb trees and hunt a lot. Hair care is simple because it’s short.

Oriental cat

It is a short-haired breed. These cats are elegant. The best known is Havana Brown, which is named so because it resembles the color of the Havana. There are also ebony cats with black hair and green eyes, white cat with azure eyes, blue cat, smoky and so on. They have body of medium length, very flexible and elongate. Its hair is short, shines a lot and is snug against the body. They are easy and gentle friends who could easily pass for a dog in their behavior. They can teach the command “Fetch!”. The only feature that should be taken into account owners of these wonderful cats - it is a necessity for warmth. They need much warmth and it is the only feature that should be taken into owner’s account.