Problems with keeping cats in the house

Having pets, we get not only positive emotions, but also are faced with the problems of their keeping. Each animal comes from wild ancestors, and even it is domesticated, it does not mean that the pet's instincts are atrophied. For a man, such manifestations on the part of your pet can be very unpleasant and unexpected. Cats are graceful and freedom loving beings. Therefore, it is worth remembering that getting an unpleasant surprise, for example, damage to the furniture, it is necessary to solve everything in a peaceful environment for your pet, without hurting its pride. There are moments, when in every kitten a little evil awakens. More often when you come home, the cat begins to jump on the curtains, cupboards, sharpen claws on the furniture, shoes etc. Such behavior is incomprehensible to man. All this is due to the fact that pet lives in uncomfortable conditions of existence. Penalties or attempting to education at such moments is useless. You must include your own imagination to create excitement in the cat world. First, a pet begins to sharpen its claws on household items, shoes, wallpaper and fluffy carpets. In nature, in such a way a predator marks its territory and sharpens its claws. The cat is trying to achieve this at home, sparing nothing. To resolve this problem, you need to teach the pet to the scratching post. It is worth to buy houses in the form of labyrinths that it was interesting for the cat to go there and grind claws. To achieve success in the development of habits it will need a few days. Places where it leaves its marks, it is necessary to process the lemon juice and valerian on the scratching post. Once every two weeks cut its claws, and then grind them. Cats love to mark their territory with specific secret. This smell spreads far outside the apartment and lures other cats. Attempts to deal with a cat by a newspaper or a cry will be useless. To wean your cat from this ugly business, you need to show who is the master in this territory. Under natural conditions, only the leader can exhibit this behavior, showing that he is the chief here. Therefore, the cat feels the head. Therefore, it is necessary to try to dissuade it of this. As soon you noticed your cat wants to mark something, take it by the scruff of the neck and shake well, so it will turn his attention to you. Then create an eye contact and hiss at it. If the animal tries to protect and raise a paw on you, you should gently kick it in the face. It is necessary to hear the meowing that the lesson was successful. This procedure will have to be repeated more than once, but over time, it will bring results. A place where the cat has left its marks, treat, for example, your favorite perfume. The favorite may be a "harmful" in doing to the toilet. All around the house, you will meet puddles and unpleasant surprises. Of course, such things cannot be ignored. Various diseases with urinary and intestinal system may develop, so do not just yell at it; it is better to contact your vet. Nevertheless, if the cat is healthy and continues spoiling, the reasons for this could be many. For example, the pet does not like the toilet, its placement, color and shape. There is also a possibility that the excrement is removed late or filler creates discomfort. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, clean your pet's tray in time. Make sure that the cat fits in it. It is also worth to buy soft filler. If the four-legged friend is a "modest", you can buy a tray with a small house, where it will not be disturbed. As soon as the desire of the cat will be fulfilled, it will cease to be a hooligan and will only walk in its tray. If the bully hunts from under the bed and leaves scratches and bites, then, to avoid this, you need to provide more toys for the cat. Make a house with a lot of tunnels and mazes. It just takes all its time. Also, play with four-legged friend that he felt the attention to itself. These methods help to solve all the major problems with fluffy. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be attentive to the behavior of the cat and do not show aggression toward it, because you will achieve nothing. Be patient and repeat the practices. Over time, the favorite stops bullies. If everything fails, and the cat continues to be an intruder in the house, you should consult your vet for advice. He will tell you the secrets of how to deal with an aggressive pet and prescribe light sedation.