A kitten in the house


You need to purchase a few bowls (2-3 pieces would be enough). Water bowl must be at least 5 cm in diameter. The kitten also needs a tray to the toilet, which can be purchased at a pet store. The tray must be no more than 7 cm in height. Another important thing is its size. The kitten should be placed in the tray completely: it should not be close. You also need to purchase a filler for the toilet. Do not choose a crumpled filler for a small kitten (it can taste it), which can lead to negative consequences. It is better to choose wood filler. The advantage of this filler is its ability to absorb odors. (The first few weeks use the same filler for the tray, as the breeder used).

Scratching post is another important thing. While choosing pay attention to a few important parameters:
- strength;
- stability;
- security.
The quality of the material from which it is made.


Sufficient height (the kitten should be able to stretch)
Choose a scratching post-column, which is 50 cm high. To transport a pet, it is necessary to buy a better portability bag for trips to the vet and travelling. It kitten will feel safe, and the trip will bring him less stress. Toys will be sufficient too.

For the best adaptation of a kitten in a new home, ask the breeder a few questions:
food kitten eats
brand of filler needed
its nature and habits

A playful kitten is better adapted to the new house (a kitten leader). Timid kitten adapts more difficult, but a few simple rules will help, and this kid quickly gets used to you and the new environment.

In a big house or apartment, you should limit the area of kitten living for the first time (2-3days). Two rooms will be enough (for example, the bedroom and kitchen). Toilet and bowls should be put in the zone, which is reserved for kitten's living. These measures will help the animal not to get lost in a new home and to find its tray in time. Ask for a bit of filler from the tray usual for a kitten. At home, fill the tray with fresh filler and add to it the one the breeder gave you, sniffing the contents it understands that its toilet is there.

Look at available space for kitten for its security: there should not be small sharp objects that could injure an animal or those it can swallow. You should also remove the drugs. Remove poisonous plants that are dangerous for cats. You should also remove household chemicals. Glass and fragile items have no place in pet living area. Do not force a kitten to communicate: do not take it on hands to try to find a contact with it in early days. Let it get used to the new environment and to a new place of residence.

After a short time the kitten adapts and is ready to communicate with you, you can figure it out on its behavior.

Kitten's living conditions in your home should be close to those that have been in a breeder, it is especially important to keep this in regard to food and tray. Sharp change in a diet can cause stomach upset in the kitten, and, consequently, leads to liquid stool in the animal. Meals can be replaced no earlier than one week. Transition to a new diet should not be sharp.

Usually, a kitten easily and quickly passes the period of adaptation to the new house. To avoid problems it is recommended to use a filler for the toilet of the animal breeder advised. (At least the first few weeks)

Timid kitten. How to help it get used to the new environment?

Every kitten has the same character. It so happens that the cat does not get in the house of the breeder the right amount of attention and that leads to its savagery in relation to people and other animals (it can take much longer than usual). Do not try to pull the kitten out of the hiding place it he hid there. Put its bowl and tray not far from where it found a "safe" shelter. After a while, it gets out of it.

The basic principles of kitten's education

The cat should have a respect for you. You cannot play with the animal with hands (it is better to use special toys for the game, which can be purchased at a pet store). A good toy for the kitten will be a lace with a paper bow attached to it. For the kitten, a game is a hunt, and the object with which the game takes place is prey (for example, toy or your hand).

Kitten's habits form at an early age. It is difficult for a cat to get rid of bad habits.
For good behavior, the kitten should be encouraged a treat or praise as stroking the animal's body.
If the animal has committed harmful acts or made "their business" by the toilet, it should be punished. The punishment can serve as hissing emanating from you to your kitten or spraying water. There is an important rule in the education of pet: promotion or punishment should take place immediately after the action, not after (after some time the kitten is unlikely to understand what it was praised or punished for).

A kitten in the house