Indoor cats

Many people think that cats living in apartments are happier than those cats that live outdoors or in a cottage. However, it is not so, because they cannot leave anywhere, if they do not like something. Compared with their counterparts, indoor cats live in more severe conditions. Outdoor cats constantly walk and wander, exploring everything of curiosity, and indoor cats are compelled to obey the rules of man. Indoor cat has to learn how to plan its day to match the rhythm of human life. A man does not allow the cat to be independent and requires its attention to his person. Indoor cats most likely suffer mental health problems as compared to their counterparts. After all, such cats have to play in the house and not outside. Outdoor cats are playing the role of vagrants, hunters, thieves patrol. The role of the patrol is the role of the guard of the area, which allows the cat to release a pair of methyl and spend a lot of energy, which is accumulating, makes cats nervous and angry. Therefore, if your cat is angry, growls, bites, does not allow to stroke itself, so its mind is not stable, because it does not fulfill its role as guardian, inherent nature. The best guards of the house are Siamese and Burmese cats. They are much attached to the person and their guarding instinct is strong. These cats cannot live in confined spaces, rooms and small apartments; they will continue to accumulate unrealized energy. Choose an ordinary street cat for small flats and rooms, or as it is decided to call it in the West, European Shorthair. These cats are able to adapt to any conditions, their nature is soft and they are often sluggard. Indoor cats are in need of new entertainment and research subjects. Cat, by nature, is very curious creature, and it should always realize its tendency not to become despondent. Therefore, it is better to have two cats that are constantly playing with each other, thereby to entertain themselves and the owner. If you have only one cat, buy it all kinds of toys, household items, which will help it to explore all that and not to get bored. When its space is limited with a close studio apartment or room, it notices any changes. The smallest details become visible to it. The cat studies the situation at home with the first acquaintance and soon knows it by heart. The smell of each item, its location, all of this, the plan is kept in the head of the cat. Any change is always curious for a cat and it accepts to study something new. New toys, the arrival of the guests, it is something that cats are very fond of, and therefore acts favorably on its psyche. Many cats are so much attached to their masters that their work bring it excruciating pain. Then the owner begins to notice its rejection and the cat does not understand what is happening. Many of them refuse to go to the toilet in a tray, thus showing their protest. The cat is happy in the apartment when it has a lot of toys, and it is allowed to run and throw its energy. It is desirable to leave for the summer or for a weekend out of town, or to the cottage. They feel a true celebration, and calm the mind there. It will guard its house and garden and constant walks for long distances make it really happy.