How to educate a cat

We love our pets, but their evil antics are sometimes unbearable! You can understand a cat that brings you a gift (a caught mouse or a bird) - it really loves you, wants to make things better. But when mischievous cat constantly pushes books from a coffee table to lie down himself, forever gnaws wires, craps under the bed - it is not good! Can a cat be educated?Yes, you can. The main thing is to start. The cat, as they say, is the slave of habit. Therefore, it is difficult to fight its bad habits. Some habits can simply be warned, and some will have to be replaced by other habits. The cat bites and scratches If you have always been affectionate with your cat from its very birth, this cannot happen. However, if there is a small child in the house, who may accidentally hurt the cat and if you took the cat from the street or from other families, such cases are, unfortunately, common. Cats like when you stroke them, but knows that sometimes it ends badly. First, behaving gently and quietly, then it can start to get nervous. It is useless to fight this - the cat should understand you are not dangerous for her. Just watch the cat. If you pet it, and it gets nervous (waggles tip of the tail, licks carefully or follows your hand), just leave it alone. If the cat does not calm down, stand up a bit. The cat will be scared and run away, without starting a fight. A cat craps in the corner There are several reasons why the cat craps. There are only a few of them: • the cat is ill; • It does not like its tray; • It does not like the location of the tray or filler; • The cat musses up the tray with the same object (box, slippers, carpet); • The cat is scared of unfamiliar smell of the subject or clothes, and it "substitutes" that with more usual; • The cat is very nervous. You can see, the most of the reasons for this are stressful, not tricks on the part of a furry friend. If your cat is sick, forgive it, and then be sure to replace the tray (there are cases where the tray begins to associate with the pain of the cat, and it avoids that). Psychological causes can be avoided knowing the habits of cats. Cats never crap where they eat. Therefore, if the kitty has chosen some nice corner, put there a treat. Allow the cat to go wonder around the house, let it leave its marks on the cabinets, on your bed. Its delicate scent naturally remains on all subjects, and the cat will stop mark them. Do not use in home many air fresheners, too spiced aroma or perfumes - it drives the cat crazy, because it has a very subtle sense of smell. Make a "fortress" where it can rest easy, and where anyone can reach it - buy it a special house or allow sleeping in a chair in some room. Tricky method: wipe the cat under the neck with a soft, dry cloth, and then wipe the same cloth where the cat craps. On the cat's neck most of its natural scent accumulates, and its desire to mark something will disappear because it will think it is strange. Cat marks the corners of the apartment The cat raises its tail and shoots a stream of pungent smell! Sounds familiar? Do not be angry, it is not on purpose. It is useless to poke its nose in it - the cat will only think that he is the boss. Usually, the cats begin to mark territory, except when other cats can enter the apartment. Often, an adult cat marks territory, if you bring home a small kitten-boy only for a night. It is useless to punish him - he will only understand you are unhappy with him. What to do? Show there is another alpha male in the apartment - you! The cat took up a position near the wall. Do not stir your anger - be angry! Look into his eyes with an explicit threat, try to imitate hiss, and gently tap your fingers on his face, mimicking the cat's paw strike. Perhaps, the cat will be surprised at the beginning, and even begins to resist - the main thing is not to retreat, and to continue to imitate a catfight. In any case, do not look away! If the cat squeaked and turned away, you know that he realized who is in charge. Now wash cat marks, and put your own. Of course, you do not need to use the cat's method. You can splash in the place of the cat marks your perfumes, and just rub the mark of old sock - for a cat that will be enough. Sometimes, an annoying cat does not give up. In this case, you have to teach him one more time or two. The cat steals food from the table Well, the owners have to blame themselves in this habit. If the cat is begging or pretends that she did not eat for three days, a rare man holds out not to treat it with something from the table. The cat quickly realizes that it can take the food from the table and it does that. Your cat will not suffer from such a habit, if you never treat it with pieces from your table; feed it normal cat food by placing in a bowl. If you have already fallen for the bait, there is a way. Paste the table on the perimeter of the two-sided scotch tape. After the cat a couple of times glues to the table, she would not climb it. You should not let your cat to do that! The cat sleeps on your table (closet, nightstand) Sometimes, a cat may take a fancy to a place of rest, which seems inappropriate to you. There are cases where cats constantly threw off the nightstand phones, books, flowerpots, in spite of all the protests of the owners. It seems it is impossible to wean a cat from this habit, but it is possible. Replace the plant (phone, stack of books) with other subject that the fall would utter a terrible rumble - for example, a tin tray, metal cans with spoons or coins. Being scared a couple of times of terrible ringing of a fallen object; a tricky cat probably finds another place to relax. The cat scratches furniture and wallpaper For a neat housewife such a habit can be a real tragedy. Although, it is normal for a cat. Cats scratch furniture and wallpaper to sharpen claws, remove them with an extra bed. However, it does not help, because the beauty of your home suffers. A spray with a strong odor can help to wean the cat from such a habit, or regular household vinegar - just drizzle it where the cat scratches furniture. For the fan of “manicure”, buy the scratching post. To the cat realized what it is for, try to teach it to use scratching posts - pass its paws on the surface of the "nail apparatus". To the cat liked the scratching post even more, it is possible to drop valerian, and keep it in a place where the cat likes to play. The cat gnaws the wires It is not so much unhygienic as dangerous - because sometimes the wires are live. To wean cats from gnawing the wires, you need to understand why they do this. If the kitten is small, and its teeth grow, everything is clear. Treat wires with a special spray and buy a kitten a treat for teeth - you can buy it in pet stores. If the cat is adult, try to smear the wire aloe wrap or foil from chocolate. Unpleasant taste makes Fluffy consider whether it really wants to chew that. You can also use lemon or orange peel, essential oils, aromatic spray - cats just hate the smell of citrus. If all this does not work, try completely triggered way - remove the wires into the cable channels. Hanging wires at the computer can be untangled and packed in a cut along the plastic hose or wide rubber tube. No wires - nothing to gnaw.