Cats of this breed have a fairly compact exterior

British shorthair cats look very strong and powerful, they look like a toy made of plush. As for color, the gray color of British cat is called blue. In addition to the blue color is also purple color. Although in reality it just called purple, but in reality it isn't. The British lilac hair cat has a shade of blue mink hair. Purple color is present just at the tip of the nose and paw pads. Among the British cats you can see chocolate, black, white and red colors. There are also two-colored cats. It is rare, but you can see the British cats of gold and silver colors. The scientific name of this color is tabby, sometimes it's also called tubby. Many people often wonder: what color of the cat to buy? This question is difficult to answer, because each color is very beautiful. Classic colors are considered blue and purple. Thanks to long and careful work of felinologists they achieved very high quality of hair of cats of the British breed. Seeing a cat with such color, it is very difficult to resist not to touch its amazing hair. Sedative for nervous system is a black and chocolate color of British cats. British cats with silver color and striped patterns are very kind and gentle. If you stroke them, in response they will bestow you with its purring. Very beautiful color has a British cat Golden Courage. It has a golden coat, on which are scattered chocolate brown leopard spots. British cats have a very proud, strong and impregnable appearance. So many people have the wrong opinion that these cats are aggressive. It is not true. British shorthair are one of the most gentle and kind creatures. Now are very popular British cats of two- and three-color. But also very chic look have chinchilla British cats. In short, it doesn't matter what color the British cat. All these cats are very attractive, they are hardly possible to look away.