How to understand a cat?

When there is a kitten in the house, all attention is usually switched to it. The owners try to understand what the pet wants to say by its behavior. Of course, all cats, like people, have their own personality, its own character. At the same time, there are some features, "markings", which can tell about the mood of your pet.

Sometimes owners wonder why the kitten does not want to sit on their laps. It is so nice - to stroke curled up on your laps purring lump. However, there are restless kittens who love when people take them in their arms and walk with them across the room, or just stand but do not sit in the chairs. Sometimes the cat may even fall asleep to your unhurried steps, just like a small child.

When a cat turns back, it is, firstly, a sign of boundless trust to you. Secondly, the animal can ask you to comb it this way. Each cat wants to be well groomed and shine smooth and silky hair. Therefore, buy a special comb, and when the pet puts you its tummy, try to comb the hair on it.

All cats in different ways show that something is missing. The most demanding grab your feet, meow loudly, that is strongly attract the attention of the owner when they do not have fresh water or food. Also, there are quiet kittens that do not give their mouths when they need to be fed. So when your cat came up to you and stares straight into your eyes, you need to go to the kitchen and check if everything is OK with food and water.

Of course, all cats like gentle strokes, but all must know when to stop. As soon as you notice that the favorite began to wiggle its tail, or tries to get off the hands, do not hold it. It is better to let it run, and after some time it will come to you again and you will stroke it.

The longer a cat lives in your home, the better you can see its desires. After a few years you will not have to guess what it needs, because you will understand your fluffy beautiful by one "meow".