Siamese cats: a brief description of the breed

"Very often cats influence on people's lives in a strange and mysterious way, changing it for the better. That's why they have the right to be called the cats". Peter Gethers. Siamese cat is a unique example of unusual color and nature, combined with exquisite "manners". This is one of the few species of cats originating directly from their ancestors. Cats of Siamese and Oriental Group were not crossed with the representatives of Europe and that is why they have preserved their uniqueness up to our time.

From personal experience, I can tell they are unusually calm and graceful animals. Shorthaired, with black elongated ears and a wedge-shaped snout, as well as amazing blue eyes they look really beautiful and aristocratic.
However, though angelic and calm appearance you should not forget that Siamese cats are extremely vindictive and vengeful animals. If someone does not say so, but such a disadvantage exists. They do not tolerate neglect or cruelty towards themselves and actively take revenge. So do not be surprised if you just by "dumb luck" have forgot to feed your cat or kitten, and the next day you are cleaning of all inverted flowerpots and broken vases. The representatives of this breed distinguish by insistence, some even badness. They are like real self-rigorous aristocrats and strict to others.
Most of its life Siamese cat sleeps. Many owners mistakenly neglect their sleep and wake up their pets, which cannot be done! Forget that you can wake up your pet. It can be a cause of stress and reduce cat's life. Almost constant dream is a completely natural way of life of cats. Siamese usually are active during the night and day for them is the time of rest and sleep.
If you need a mouser in the house, the Siamese cat would be the best option. Its hunting instinct is in its blood and even domesticated animals of this breed hunt with great success. From personal experience, I will tell you that my cat kills mice, attention, being toothless, it says only that the representatives of this breed are very skilful at hunting.
Siamese cats can be left alone for a long period of time, but when you return home, it is required to give your pet a little affection and warmth, and in any case, do not ignore it, as it begins to take revenge. This species likes to be in the highlight and therefore do not be surprised if it starts to attract your attention with its antics as a variegated and annoying loud meow.
In conclusion, I would like to note that Siamese cats are very intelligent and loyal to its master. There is the only one master for them. These noble animals always thank you for your care and kindness. These cats are very capricious and they have to be considered, because of their obstinate character very vulnerable nature hides.
After reading this article, do not forget that all of the above is only a general description of the representatives of the breed. Your favorite is special and unique. There are no animals with the same character and habits, do not forget about it!