Cat's hair care

Cats hair care is very important. If you take care of the cats hair, you can immediately see the improvement of the cat&s health, and it eliminates the pet from dust, dead skin and does not allow parasites to settle down. As you know, cats are very clean animals, but you should not think the cat could cope with the care of its hair alone. You must be able to help it in this matter, as the combing of the animal can be very painful for it, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, you must try to teach a cat to combing from a young age; at the same time learn how to do it properly without causing pain to the animal. Combing procedure must begin with a cats head and move in the direction of the tail, but it is not as easy as it sounds, especially for longhaired cats. Due to the large amounts of hair, these cats just cannot fully care for their hair; especially you need to look at the places with high density of hair. Cats with shorter hair, of course, are not problematic in the care, but they also need care. Do not be surprised if your cat does not like the process of combing, maybe it just has not got used to that. Tools for cats hair care Select brushes responsibly. In special stores, you can find a variety of tools for combing animals. Brushes are characterized by a variety of indicators. By size, by the material which they are made of, the frequency of teeth, shape and color. If you have a young cat and you want it just to accustom to combing, it is better to take a few brushes with teeth, it will give less hassle when combing. When the cat grows up, the brush can be replaced. Dog owners commonly use metal brushes, so it is better to buy wood or synthetic analogs. However, if you decided to take a synthetic brush, then you need to find out whether it electrifies hair or not. The owners of longhaired cats have to spend more time with pets. Comb the cat once a day, while the owners of other cats, and have to comb them 2-3 times a week. You can do that less frequent, but soon mats may appear that will be very painful to comb out, and believe me, you and your cat do not need that. What to do if a cat loses its hair? You cannot ignore the fact as hair loss in cats. If you noticed your cat has been actively losing hair, do not rush to worry. Maybe it is just shedding, which can last several months. Check the condition of the animal. If the cat does not become bald, it behaves normally, then soon shedding season is over and there is nothing serious. Unfortunately, innocuous reasons for hair loss in cats end on this. If your cats hair becomes thinner on the back, there are bald spots, growing bald areas, the skin reddens - all of these are unhealthy symptoms and you should visit a vet. You should not listen to advice of others and certainly do not use folk remedies. If you really want your cat to mend, you need to choose a good veterinary clinic and go there. Also, do not forget about yourself and other people, because many cat sores are dangerous to humans. Vitamins and feed for cats hair When choosing feed for cats, consult with your vet. Some cats can eat natural food, and some cats need only feeds. Nevertheless, do not buy different feeds. This can disrupt the gastric micro flora of the animal. All good feeds are already rich in vitamins, including for hair and the cat, so in this case, you do not need to give your cat vitamins. It is quite another thing if your cat has natural diet, vitamins are needed. There are many vitamin complexes. All of them help to make hair shiny, skin healthy, they stimulate vital functions, prevent dandruff.